Everything's getting really mainstream? Well, then you gotta visit ZENSAMOUR

I love their hoodies the most. Firstly, because you don't get to see them everywhere. Secondly, I was really taken aback when I received it! I expected the printing and all to be of pretty bad quality but to my surprise, it was awesome!!!

Was really glad and I've been receiving a lot of compliments on it, along with people asking me where I got it from hahaha.

So here are some of the items which I was sponsored...

What I love about this pullover, it's pretty thin but at the same time, its material keeps me warm. Perfect for a rainy day!

Besides, it goes well with almost any bottom!

I paired it up with a denim bottom and I was ready to go!


Next up is their black bustier dress!

I love how it looks edgy yet classy-sexy at the same time. Boots/sneakers for edgy and put on your killer heels for a classy-sexy look.

You can never miss out on these as a part of your purchases bcos pullover-hoodies are the best! Speaking from a fan. Hahaha.

Especially on lazy days, which I often have them... It's just brilliant.

So do check them out at http://www.zensamour.com/ 
Quote my name to get a dollar off your total bill!

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