Update + Skincare Routine

I've been so caught up with work lately I haven't had much time to fill up this empty space. And just in case if you were wondering what I meant by work...

No, I don't mean I wake up every morning, working as some waitress in some shitty restaurant, serving drinks to nasty customers, having to topple soup over and creating a huge mess out of it kind of work.

I just mean like all the online shit I've to do.

I used to write bcos I love to, and never bcos I felt like I needed to which is what I will call "passion."

You don't just do something for the sake of doing it just bcos everyone wants you to or just bcos you think that's the way to make everyone like you.

I miss blogging. I kinda hate how I felt really obliged to do so at some point of time and totally lost my passion for it bcos everyone was complaining on how unfrequent my updates were.

But anyway, I'm here now bcos my blogging bug is back.

So anyway, I'm gonna be separating my posts into two parts today!

First will just be a normal update with some pictures then followed by a post on my skin care routine!!! Which most of you have been pestering me for!! Hahaha.

So last December I made a trip to BKK as I was desperate to get some serious shopping done!! Hahaha.

And well, I would say... It wasn't as good as what I expected but oh well.

One of the famous tourists' attractions.

Having Japanese teppanyaki. Makes me hungry thinking about it now.

I SWEAR THIS PLACE HAS THE BESTTTT SEAFOOD AND TOM YUM but forget about asking me its venue; my memory is as bad as an 80 yr old but it was somewhere out of the city. 

Ok as you can see I didn't take that many pictures with my camera when I was there bcos I was simply too lazy lol. :X

eHhHhHh I look so unglam here, hahaha but do you want some waffle? 

I'm totally not a morning person. Smh. Super light make up for the next couple of days bcos waking up early was already bad enough... Couldn't imagine lacking that extra hour of sleep just for make up. meh.

Not something I would sacrifice sleep for.

Some of my buys

New year's outfit... Pretty simple since I had no one to impress there hahaha!

Meet Petch!! My Thai friend :)

Wtf, they have like costumes for their neoprints there... Super cool?! 

Idk what kinda phuck face is this.

Most were taken from my phone! And... That concludes the end of my trip to BKK! :p

Some random pictures taken from the start of the year until today!

If you spot two girls entering the same fitting room... It has gotta be us. Hahaha.

Some retarded shots I took while the boys were recording their soundtrack for ABTM the other day.

Taken after 4 hours of sleep.

Random picture after work out.

Got so bored that I studded this pair of lita shoes at 5 in the morning. 

Filming with Dee the other day at Jh's house.

And a few selfies before my early bday celebration with my parents just now!

Multi coloured rose which my mom greeted me with!

Right, so I know I definitely do NOT have perfect skin/complexion but I decided to share this bcos I used to have serious acne problems when I was younger. Like really bad!!!

I don't mean like having just one or two breakouts, I mean like red and horrifying kinda pimples around my cheek. Hahahaha, yuck.

Not trying to scare you all, but I'm serious!!! Too bad I don't have any pixs to convince you guys about how true this is, bcos my old pixs are all in my old Macbook which broke down about a year back. 

But let me show you an example of how bad it is.

Ok la to be honest I can't really remember how bad my skin condition was back then, but I guess it was somewhat like the picture above. Just that they weren't spread over a big area, it was just around both sides of my cheeks.

I felt so terrible during that whole period of time bcos people in school were making fun of me. (Sucks when you've to undergo puberty earlier than most of your peers)

And sometimes I cry myself to sleep and when I look into the mirror the next morning.

I tried all sorts of methods to get rid of them. Including trying to squeeze them. WA WAIT, I'VE TO MENTION THIS... DO NOT EVER SQUEEZE THEM!

It'll be the biggest regret in your life and I'm not even kidding!!!! Till now I still have pimple scars caused from those amateur-skills of mine.

Ok I'm not gonna make this post any longer by going on and on about how upset I was and how I brood over my fugly face in the past.

So finally, how did I treat them????

Only had my brows filled! Pictures taken without any filter/edits :)

Right, I know my skin isn't that fantastic now, nor is it anywhere close to the word "flawless" but be mindful that I'm just sharing!!!

So duh, I visited the dermatologist and probably spent over a thousand by now. -_- Trust me, as much as I know from my experience, facial doesn't fucking work when you have severe acnes lol.

So best way out? Get to a good skin clinic. I went to Novena medical center and met Dr.Loke

This is the address, for those of you who are interested:

10 Sinaran Drive #09-13 Novena Medical Center
Thomson, Singapore, 307506

Numb: 63374926

Do call and book for an appointment before you go there otherwise you'll just end up making a wasted trip bcos their crowds are just OMFGJUSTKILLMENOW.

Btw, this is not a paid advert or anything so you can trust me that I'm not putting in good words just to patronize you all bleah.

It took me about 6 months to a year before my acnes were totally gone, but trying to maintain a good complexion is never an easy task either.

I still have some breakouts whenever I get really stressed and stuff and that's when I'll consult him. Otherwise I'll just drop by for my medication.

Well, but if you don't have serious acne problems and have like this kind of skin...

Then screw you lucky bitch, just go and die bcos you don't deserve to live!!!!

Ok just kidding, but precaution is always better than cure. 

Anyway, here are the products I normally use during the night and the day.

- Sk2 Facial Treatment cleanser.

I usually use cold water to wash my face in the morning

It closes pores, makes your blood vessels constrict and aids to reduce swelling & appearance of dark circles!

- Clindamycin lotion followed by pimple cream prescribed to me by my doc.

Before applying my makeup etc...

- Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel. (Works like a moisturizer)

- Sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays!!!

This is really important unless your makeup product that you'd be applying already contains SPF protection. (E.g BB cream with SPF 30/50)

Note that the higher the SPF = it will tend to make your skin more "greasy" after awhile.

I usually either use this biore makeup remover cleansing oil or Sk2 treatment cleansing oil which I ran out of.

To me, oil based makeup removers remove your make up a lot easier and are better. (Personal preference)

The next two cleansers are used on alternate days during the night.

I usually use lukewarm water to wash my face in the night.

In contrast to cold water, it helps to open up your pores which will then allow your products to be absorbed better. (My logic hahaha)

1) Shiseido Elixir Skin Refining Cleanser (Acts like an exfoliator)
Exfoliating your skin at least once/twice a week is pretty important bcos it helps to get rid of your dead skin cells.

2) Love love love this cleanser. I have this habit of trying out new cleansers every once in awhile and I've been using this Murad Clarifying Cleanser for about 2 months now. (Previously using facial cleansers from Avène for the past 2 years.)

Due to its lower PH level, it's slightly more acidic and it deals better in clearing blemishes and lowers the chances of breakouts.

Got it from Sephora!

- Sk2 Facial Treatment Clear Lotion. (Acts like a toner)

1) Total Hydration Lucent Toner (Moist)
2) Total Hydration Moisturizer (Dewy)

Both of these products are also used on alternate nights.

Left helps to clear scars and right prevents acnes, prescribed from my doc as well.

Lastly, the step that everyone always tend to neglect!!! Vaseline!!!

Helps to nourish your lips and eyelashes. They need care too :)

Most of the products can be easily found at any of our local pharmacy or supermarket.

Btw, as much as I really hope the things I shared were useful, please also understand that it might not work for you just bcos it worked for me! So in other words, consult a skin professional if you need to, bcos I'm definitely not one. :X

Hopefully some of you found something interesting to last you till the end of this super long post!  Lol. Till next time! :)