Salon Vim Bugis (Review)

Yay!!! Although it's just 3 more stops away, I still feel really glad that Salon Vim's new outlet is located at Bugis now!!! So freakin convenient for me compared to 313 Somerset. 

Ok la, actually I'm just a lazy bum who refuses to change a train and go up 4 levels he he.

But anyway, the new salon is just right beside Bugis street!!! So you can go for some shopping or even get food when you're hungry. Especially people like me who gets hungry 24/7

To all those people who think my hair is perf.... Wait till you see this piece of mess right below!!!

Damn disgusting right. Hahahaha. BUT WAIT, it's also bcos it's partially drenched from the rain so it looks a bit like... 

Kidding, I don't see any resemblance.............. Agree? :(

So anyway I decided to go for a light colour this time. So I told Jamie (My new hair stylist, who is also one of the directors there.) that I wanted an ash colour and hopefully it will turn out like...
I love her so much?!?!?!?! Just in case you don't know her, she's Alison Dilaurentis from PLL or more formally known as Sasha Pieterse.

 Yea I know I look nowhere near her... If her level of prettiness is heaven-high, I prolly rank hell hahahaha.

But anyway, something like Goldilocks colour?! Like what my girlfriend keeps harping on. Haiya, you guys should get the rough idea by now. 

Proceeded to bleaching first. Although my hair doesn't look red anymore, there's definitely hell loads of it hidden somewhere ok?! I had to bleach twice.

Just in case you're wondering what are those aluminium foils doing on my hair, they are my pink extensions which I did 2-3 weeks back and are still in good shape!!! Hehe.

Idk what is this part for or called, but I guess it's to "help" your hair absorb the bleach??? Ignorant me is ignorant.

TADA MY ATTEMPT TO GOLDILOCKS HAIR. Ok just kidding, I look like Sun wu kong (Monkey god) here or Haley Williams gone wrong.

I thought I looked like a clown, explains the expression.

After two times of bleaching, and washing my hair... It's finally time to put on my desired ash colour! *Excited*

Jaime told me this was a must-apply serum before dyeing bcos it helps to protect my hair, although I felt like my hair's pretty much beyond redemption. :X

WHOOOOO HOOOOO after 6 hours of sitting and standing and and and anticipating... Don't judge my face please... At least now you know I look horrible bald.

Here is it!

So pleased! And they made sure I had pretty hair before I left although it was quite redundant bcos I headed home right after that. LOL.

YAY!!!! Thank you so much Jamie!

And not to mention, the service at Salon Vim, as usual was just awesome?! Poor me haven't had any food since lunch the day before, so one of the hairstylists kindly went to get takeaway for me!!! How sweet.

Of course, I'm talking about other stuff as well like how they really listen attentively to your needs and try their best to work it out for you.

Not to mention, there's a toilet in the salon now hahahahahaha. So you don't have to worry about spending forever doing your hair.

Next 4 pictures were taken without any filter!! & The first without flash.

The top had a lighter tone to it, which is pretty close to ash blonde and the bottom colour was what I requested for :)

Salon V has never ever disappointed me!

Products they gave me to condition my hair and retain my hair colour! :)

See how lazy I am.... to write down the details, so I took a pic from the name card hahahaah.

Visit their website for more info and do make an apt before heading down! :) 

P/s Actually this is just round one of my hair... Which means it isn't the final colour. Can you guess what I'm doing next? Can't wait!