NYP (Open house 2013)

Well, as you can see from my previous two posts, I've been to Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) recently and today's my third time there as I wanted to get to know a little more on the school facilities as well as the other diplomas that the school offers.

Be greeted with awesome goodie bigs when you reach NYP, just by registering at the Visitors' Registration booth.

So let me share with you guys some of the info I've garnered!

Spoke to some of the course advisors from the different schools and also saw some really interesting exhibits!

Remember the course advising will be available after you receive your O level results too, so make sure you visit NYP then!

So first I proceeded to the school of Chemical & Life Sciences and there was an Ice cream competition going on with secondary schools competing in the finals. I had an awesome time tasting the ice creams!

It was a NYP-Swensen's Yummy Healthy Ice cream making competition going on at Blk N (N611). This cool competition started some time back with 37 schools participating, and there were 10 secondary schools shortlisted for the finals. I was just in time for the judging! :P

30 Contestants created flavors like pumpkin, sweet potato mushroom and dragon fruit ice creams, which are in line with the healthy theme!

Everyone was expecting Yuying Secondary or CHIJ St. Nicholas Girl's Secondary school to win... 

However, verdict was... NUS high won!!! Not surprising, they came up with really good ice cream! ^^

This was one of the coolest experiences ever?! I was learning how to make bubbles like those you see in your bubble tea. Hahaha.

Not easy at all though... I gave it a try and it was definitely a failed attempt. Mine looked as if they were poop from a lizard or something -_-

Besides those that I've mentioned, I also learnt about Food Marketing!

A few of the students in Chemical & Life Sciences brought me to tour around the school and I gained more knowledge of how medicines are prescribed and made. 

Checking out some fungi under the microscope...

Parasites which looked like worms........

Learning how tablets are made...

Projects done by the year 3 students at the exhibition... So cute lol.

Conducting the qualitative analysis.

Took a picture (below). I don't know which lab professor actually looks as unprofessional as me. 

I gotta find out how they actually deal with the patients and cater to their needs. It's definitely a challenging but rewarding profession.

I also visited their diagnostic radiography labs equipped with latest digital X-ray systems and discovered how digital images were formed. 

Besides conducting their activities in school, these students get to be exposed to real life situations in hospitals during their attachment year, in year 3. 

Also took a pic at the nearby Wacky Photo Booth where you can stand a chance to win $50 H&M vouchers. Free Chupa Chups were given away too!!

I got a taste of the lively diversity of CCAs too. From hip hop dancing and martial arts, to orchestral and vocal performances. It was definitely thrilling! Did you know that NYP has over 80 CCAs??? And you can even form your own too!

Massive crazy crowd of people who came for the open house as well!

Some other CCAs and facilities they have

The gym

Chinese Orchestra

Track and Field

Dance Company


Malay Cultural Group

Rock Climbing!

Dragon Boat!


Foreign Bodies


Lastly, there are also tons of interesting things to see, eat and buy!!!!

I also had some time to tour their many facilities such as; Koufu food court (air-conditioned), North and South Canteen, Fast food Canteen (Mcdonald's and more!), Library cafe and the new restaurant which is to be ready by mid-2013, serving fusion-style cusine :)

Moreover, I heard that Subway will be coming up soon too, my fav fast food restaurant.... :D

Some common hang out places like the eco-friendly garden and the supa relaxing and entertaining library!


Library Cafe

As if this wasn't already great, I heard that NYP is expanding and upgrading its campus soon and there will be even more facilities coming your way soon! Hence, the classes of 2013 will be able to enjoy the latest facilities! Awesome much??

Besides, the new free Shuttle bus service catered to students sounds like the best thing ever.

Remember to visit NYP's Open House on the 7th & 8th from 11am to 6pm daily. You can also 'Like' their NYP Facebook page and visit their website to discover more!

Hope you guys can have much fun as I did!