Nanyang Polytechnic (SIDM)

So previously, I wrote about my experience about NYP's School of Business Management (SBM) and today I'm gonna share with you guys a little more on...


I'm definitely not a gamer but there's something about this course that I thought was pretty cool.

They have everything you need to create the special effects and animation you see in games & movies. From creating your first concept art piece to turning it into an actual animation... I finally got to see how it works....

This was where I was taught how images are usually captured and transformed into games with current technology. *fascinated*

Although I'm more into writing than programming, I thought it was interesting to find out how games & movies are actually produced. 

I've always been really curious about how all these work and finally my doubts were cleared.

So what happens is that, a person would usually wear a bodysuit with dots that will be detected on the screen, and the person will do some movements so that the computer can record it. That is how they animate the characters that they've designed!

Zack below conducted a demo for us! He's a student at SIDM 

Apparently, you'll get to learn how to create animation and effects you see in blockbuster movies like Ratatouille, Kung Fu Panda, and Madagascar 2!

The lecturer told me that besides having professional software to work on, students are also taught by experts who provide services to companies like Pixar, Disney and Lucasfilm! Wow..

Some of the artwork done by the year 1 & 2 students... 

I really couldn't believe it when they told me that the work were drawn. They totally looked as if they were printed. haha. And what's the best part? Having an art background isn't compulsory bcos everything will be taught from basics.

I guess that's when your passion comes in. When you're determined to do something, you'll succeed eventually as long as you persevere. :)

Besides Digital Media Design (Games) or Digital Entertainment Technology (Games)... you can also pursue a Diploma in Digital Visual Effects or Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design.

Apparently, students will have the opportunity to be attached to USA where they are trained by Hollywood studio experts! And the school has some sort of partnership with Sony PlayStation®  whereby students will be taught how to develop PlayStation® like games.

Plus NYP is known for their motion graphics and programming of games!!! I guess it's what most boys desire???? (Not stereotyping here. Haha.)

There are also 2 other full time courses to choose from!

Diploma in Digital Media Design (Interaction Design)
Diploma in Digital Media Design (Animation)

Many of them studying in SIDM actually had a chance to showcase their work too. For instance, the motion graphics and on screen visuals from last year's National Day Parade (2012) were painstakingly done by and produced by SIDM students as well. They did very well at WorldSkills Singapore 2012 and they also work closely with MTV Asia!

And many of them actually had the opportunity to go abroad for their courses... How awesome can that be.

Some of the professions you get become include Visual Effects Artist, Film Production specialist, Technical Director, Game Designer, Storyboard Artist, Animation Producer, Illustrator. Cool huh :)

Normally when a school like this is so well known for their digital media skills, I would think their graduates will do well. ... And many of them have jobs in Lucasfilm Animation, Infinite Frameworks, WETA Digital, Ubisoft, and Blizzard Entertainment, USA... awesome huh?!

One of the many award-winning videos done by them...

 The whole learning experience was definitely worthwhile! ;)

Do check out (SIDM) for more info!

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