Nanyang Polytechnic (SBM)

Are you ready for an exciting change?

So today I made my way to down to NYP and some of the lecturers brought me on a "school tour" to take a look at some of the courses I am interested in! 

We visited the School of Business Management (SBM) to see the Mass Media Management areas as well as toured the School of Interactive & Digital Media (SIDM).

Now I'm gonna share with you all a bit of my experience :)
That's me looking through some magazines designed by the students from scratch, while the lecturer briefed me on the course patiently. Hee hee.

So basically, these were magazines made by the students from SBM and that really interests me because I told them that I was looking for a course that involves journalism.

 Looks like some pretty legit magazine you see in stores right?!

Besides, they get to do the photography and design on their own, which I am keen on too.

So what these students do is that they actually collaborate with people and various brands to fill up this lifestyle mag.

And it's amazing how they did everything themselves from scratch. 

Next, we moved on to the studio where the media students usually do their film production.

Right, this isn't really my kinda thing but I did enjoy the process of learning how all our videos are usually made behind the scenes. Definitely not easy?!

Me acting like I know how to film... lol

Me being broadcasted on the screen hahahaha. Cool or what.

So the lecturer was teaching me how the different machines serve different purposes and that the students have to follow the procedures given otherwise everything won't work out!

One mistake and you're doomed. lol 

Apparently, not only do they do their videos indoors, they do some of them outdoors as well, which I was happy to know about, because what's more boring than having all your lessons conducted indoors?! 

I also participated in an impromptu video filming session...

This is where the students brought me around to chill and take a look at a few of the many school facilities.

Outdoor rock climbing wall 

The indoor rock wall!

The huge swimming pool

Shahril at the library cafe. He really loves NYP btw..

The school gardens and koi ponds

What's better than a school with McD.... Hahahaha fatz.

To give you guys a rough idea,
at NYP, the stuff you learn is directly related to your desired profession. As in, the school links you to the real world by giving you the opportunity to work with industry professionals. I heard some of the media students even got to shoot at F1!

Also SBM offers overseas student exchange programmes where you can spend one whole semester overseas..apparently you can choose from 27 universities in 13 countries...

They also offer internships abroad and locally. There's this 21-week internship programme where you can choose to work in media companies like MediaCorp, Singapore Press Holdings and Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific to gain valuable working experience. 

I definitely would like to try studying or working abroad. Just look at all the countries they have on their list: Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, USA, China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. 

All students will also be able to study foreign languages such as German, French, Japanese and Vietnamese. Cool huh?

It's easy to see why some students choose this course!

SBM offers 9 full-time diplomas in:

Of course, I'm not 101% certain that NYP will be my choice, but it has definitely become one of my choices now because it offers what I'm looking for. If you, like me, are interested in Mass Media Management, then you would be glad to know that the career options include the following:

Producer/Assistant Producer 
Script/Research Writer 
Journalist / Reporter 
Production Executive 
TV Programming Executive 
Public Relations Executive 
Advertising Account Executive 
Media Marketing Executive 
Digital Media Producer 
Media Buyer 

I like how the students were really bonded and how many are given the opportunity to showcase their talents. You know how some schools are pretty bias to the smart students only?

I'm pretty happy to know how they cater to the needs of the students.

I guess the main point is that I really like this course hehe.

Do check out this video for more info!

& read my next entry on my review for SIDM too. :)

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