Before I head out

. Leather Jacket - Bebe
. Mint Green Denim Bralet - Topshop
. Fringe HWS - Editor's Market

Right, just a quick update before I head out, while waiting for the bff to get ready and for the rain to stop. 

So... The past few days were pretty mundane prolly because it's almost the time of the month again, nothing's ever smooth sailing during this period. I just feel like I've been on a really rocky journey ever since the hols. Sobs.

Whatever it is, I'm looking forward to Xmas! My fav festive season. How I wish the decos set up in Orchard were still as pretty as the ones I used to see when I was younger. Everything has changed... Oh well. 

Will be blogging on how to create some DIY gifts soon! Stay tuned!!!