We all judge, even though we know how bad it feels to be judged...

So now, tell me what's the first thing that hits you or comes across your mind whenever you see this logo?

If there's a time in your life where you could actually get into a school which you desire, would this be a choice among your circle of selections?

Before I begin this post, I would first like to disclaim that I have absolutely nothing against the school (ITE) nor the students who are/were in it. This is written based on my personal perspectives along with several others' (Including students &teachers from diff schools) opinions.

& I'm gonna use the word ITE very loosely from now onwards.

Let me explain why I actually had this strong hankering of touching on this topic even though everybody's reaction to it when I first told them was like, "You sure about this...?"

So there was one day when I was hanging out with a group of friends from ITE, and we were talking about my education after O's blablabla.

And my response to their question on where I wanted to proceed to next year, was "Anywhere but ITE."


Before you guys get all raged and start swearing, wishing I was never born... Listen.

In my opinion, I feel that it is only normal for anyone from the Express/Normal Acad stream to not wanna end up in ITE. (Excluding those who strongly feel that ending up in Higher Nitec would be a slightly wiser choice, knowing that they might suffer in sec 5 if they aren't gonna work extra hard.)

But the thing is, if you don't put in the effort in ITE, your chances of ending up in a Poly in the end, might be even lesser.


I'm also aware of the new system put up this year where the top 10% of the whole cohort in NA, would be offered a spot in a Polytechnic. However, are required to spend an extra 1 year of some weird foundation programme.

Sounds boring...

Not forgetting, the cons of it is that, these students won't able to achieve an O lvl cert. & Judging from the soaring amount of more capable, and academically inclined students these days... Sadly, more job offers are still open to those who hold that cert at the end of the day.

Right, so back to the topic. I really hate it when people actually think that people like us, are being some damn, moronic stereotypes for judging certain ITE students.

Deserving people.
If you look down on yourself, don't blame people for looking down on you.

Personally, I always feel that respect works both ways, and to get someone's respect, you'd first have to learn to respect yourself.

I watched a lot of my friends from primary school end up in ITE due to two simple reasons; Either plainly just due to the lack of motivation where their family background and their company do have a role to play as well.

Or some unfortunates who are just born less academically inclined compared to others.

Let me explain why are many people so repugnant towards this group of deserving people who actually condemn themselves before society does.

I respect people who goes to ITE, if they worked hard but ended up there, they deserve the credit for it.

Whereas what saddens me are people who actually ended up there, due to laziness when they had the ability to work twice as hard. 

People who didn't even put in a slight hint of effort and gave up immediately. People who refuse to buck up and only feel remorseful when it's over.

As cliche as it sounds, it's no use crying over spilled milk. 

And honestly, if you didn't even bother to give it your best shot....

 you don't even deserve to cry over your bad results.

Everyone has their own pride. And if people are gonna continue discriminating them, these students will either channel their energy into something positive, which is to work harder to prove them wrong, or negative, to turn into hooligans as a way of coming back at them.

So then again, there would be people who are already in ITE and chose to give up on themselves bcos society feels that they are beyond redemption, and since they are already deemed as a bunch of "rotton apples" they might as well just continue "rotting." (Lol.)

Doing all sorts of things which give a very repulsive image of the students. 

And when people witness such things, sad to say, they won't give a shit about taking an extra split second to understand you, they'd just condemn you. Right. Away.

Well... This is life, so suck it up.

People should stop generalizing

Not every single ITE student is incorrigible. There are students who worked their asses off just to watch their efforts go in vain bcos they are just less erudite or rather, less intellectual.

They at least learn a skill instead of pursuing an academic subject which might not be useful to them. So at the end of the day, they get to acquire practical skills and become proficient in it...

However, it really sucks how many have this perception that the less educated = bad.

Why the hell?!

The reverse is, what makes you think that people in RI are good? They might be some god damn geniuses, but what's the point if someone has no morals at the end of the day?

There will always be at least one black sheep wherever you go. 

They may not be good in terms of education, but they may be good at their practical skills.

If everyone decides to be a doctor who are gonna be the nurses? People of all kinds of level will fill up different kinds of jobs.

Don't forget that these ITE students play a weighty role in helping the country's welfare as well.

People should not see them through rose colored glasses.

& sometimes it's not about the school alone, it's about peer pressure.

Teachers have to take up the responsibility to educate these students as well, but how much can a teacher impact one student? Let alone thousands.

Most of them (not all) come from tough family backgrounds and along with the unfavourable environment that they might have to live in. Relationships between the child and their parents play a part too.

If  there's a JC student who idles around, why sentence a student who is twice as diligent just bcos he/she is from ITE?

Don't pass a judgment on a whole due to one bad person's wrongdoings.

Yes, many skip school and tend to give up easily bcos they fold under pressure; It's like the moment they don't receive any motivation from anyone, they'll give up on their own.

If there's no one to support them, they will voluntarily cease to keep their hearts going, due to the mentality that they can never succeed.

Society labels them so hard that they are a circle of lazy bums, so they eventually turn into one.

Treat a person like a dog, they will end up like one.

Glad to say, I've heard that Crest secondary would be built in 2013 which caters to NT students so that they won't feel demoralized as there will be no status differences.

Here are some opinions I've garnered from some students who are studying in ITE.

Shirley Jayseth: The teachers care, it's the students that that don't bother sometimes. Teachers will take inititative to call the students up when they miss lessons. They are really flexible and are very generous with their chances.

But then again, is this a good or bad thing?
Some might appreciate, some won't. Hence over time, some might take it for granted.

Some people enter ITE not bcos they want to, but they didn't had a choice.

I understand where people who generalize us, come from. They view us in certain ways for a reason. Many of the people here appear rowdy and people tend to judge us by our behavior. First impression really counts. Apparently, majority don't leave a good impression on others.

I feel that all school lives are the same and in fact, I enjoy being in ITE bcos I don't feel the pressure and it's less tense here.

Kalebh Leong: Being in ITE is definitely an interesting journey. There are so many different types of people here. From gangsters, to matreps, to the less academically-inclined students and etc... Well, I personally feel that things have changed tremendously throughout the years.

From people who always think that ITE are for people who can't do well in secondary school, to a place where people would actually want to aquire skills here. I've seen people who are around their 50s still trying to get a NITEC cert in ITE college west!

People always think that, yeah ITE is full of bad people. Well my question to you is, can you even find a single school without gangsters in there?

Well, for me, I've made many friends. And now even my bestest friends are from ITE. I do enjoy my 2 years in here. It has been a really fun journey.

I just hope that society would stop classifying ITE students as 'stupid' , 'low iq' people. Trust me, many entrepenurs are ITE graduates and one day they might just become one of your bosses! Things have changed so much and I've not regretted the choice I made when I decided to join ITE.

Ridhwan Azman: I was in ITE College Central (Bishan Campus) studying Higher Nitec in Business Studeis (Event Management) . Enrolled in the Apr' 2011 . Before enrolling, I was hesitant due to the rumours of ITE being a place, full "hooligans" as well as its negative sides. 

Blame it on the media. It may be true about the percentage of ITE students being involved in poor social activities and crimes. But their emphasis to this are just too much. I heard stories from my friends; "Wah, ITE ah?! Don't go toilet alone, or you'll be whacked". 

I graduated form Secondary 4 Express with acceptable O' level grades and was given the opportunity to enter Nanyang Polytechnic, with a Diploma in Engineering Infomatics. I rejected their offer bcos the course was not in favour to my passion, so I considered ITE. And it was not a decision to be regretted. I loved it. 

I swear there are a lot of pros and benefits, compared to polytechnics. They believed in "hands on" studying method. The teachers & lecturers there are patient, and their disciplinary actions are firmer now, which managed to reduce the number of inapporpriate disciplinary behaviours among the students. 

ITE has given me a lot of opportunities, and I did not face any assaults or neither have I seen any of my classmates fighting. I am not saying everybody has changed into angels, but times have changed, and ITE has made itself a respected institute, not only among the national institutes, but worldwide too. 

Some students are in fact performing much better in polytechnics after graduating in ITE, with the solid foundation they've built. They are not hooligans or scums. That can be found anywhere, not only in ITE. They are talented, hardworking and globally competent. Proud to be an ITE student.

So after reading this post what's your view? 

Frankly, I never had a good impression of ITE students; since young, I encountered many bad examples of ITE students... Until I started having friends from there.

As hard as it is to place yourself in someone's postion, it's hell difficult to  understand what they are going through as well.

Although I agree that, given the benefit of doubt, we should only judge someone after having a deeper understanding of who they really are inside, but we still cannot stop majority from thinking that people plastered in ITE uniforms are the denser people of the crowd.

It's hard not to judge, especially at first sight.

& sometimes, you just need that one person to give everyone a lasting impression on the majority.