Special Date (Makeup Tutorial)

Well... Previously I did a post on my everyday makeup, but apparently it was in a super low quality (took it using my webcam) & hence, a pretty bad attempt... (you can check it out here)

No fret... I'm a trier... HE HE.

Today I'm gonna share with you how to achieve the look above in my new video! :)

**For NYX products, you can get them at Scape's Underground mall**

Can be bought at any Sasa outlet. Guess it's around $30.

Gives this dewy finish and it's really easy to apply!! Pretty good coverage as well.

Have been using it for quite a while and it's pretty alright for its price. $30 as well.

I've supa bad memory... I think this costs $10-12.

~ $15-20

Pretty good in helping me keep my eyeshadow colours stay on for a day out.

Got this from my mom's friend... She will be setting up a kiosk (booth) from Wednesday (13th) onwards at Orchard Central, Level 5. :) Do drop by! $30
Not really sure where you can get this bcos it was a gift from Korea. You can replace it with Maybelline's Express The Falsies though. You can get it at Watsons or most drugstores @ ~$20

Both leave no clumps, are waterproof and they appear like false lashes! Best for bottom lashes :P
Previously reviewed this liquid eyeliner already. And yes, I'm still using it cos it's definitely one of my favs! You can check it out at the link above. :)
Cheapest & prolly the best product byfar. Got it from Sheng Shiong supermarket @ $1.90 LOL.
Not only does it help to soften your lips, it's known to help nurture your eyelashes too!

How cool is that

(click here to see more uses)

Does not lasts really long but the colour when applied, is as close to how it looks! Love it. ~$10. 

You can conclude by now I'm quite a fan of NYX products he he. Anyway, got this @ $22.

Supposedly gives you that babyskin kinda finish and helps to reduce shine and make your pores less visible... Not too bad @ $28.

All the products are quite affordable!!!
Mad in love with this foundation brush I got at 10 bucks from Sasa! Pardon me for the supa ugly picture cos I couldn't find it online.

(Brushes are arranged accordingly to the order of my video)

What's a make up tutorial without finish it off with some camwhore shots?