Pixs & Salon Vim Review

I finally managed to spent a complete day at home after since I ended my papers. Yay or nay?

Sometimes I doubt 6 months of hols is enough.

Guess it's a good thing cos I finally get to lay my hands on my notebook to blog, but I felt like I've wasted the whole day lying on my couch reading. So much for buying 3 books yesterday with Danial Ron, and the convo went like "You're seriously gonna spent your whole hols reading these?" "Yea...." "You're seriously the living example of what forever alone meant." 

Boo hoo.

Anyway, I think I'm glad I stayed in today cos I witnessed how terrible the weather was... And I thank god I wasn't out in that shit.

Don't you hate it when you're out and the rain just has to ruin EVERYYYYTHING? It's a total mood killer. Like I literally feel as gloomy?!

Anyway, back to yesterday... Went to do some interview with certain people for my next entry. *hint hint* I'm seriously looking forward to share it with you guys bcos I haven't been writing an actual post for months. 

You readers must be thinking I'm slacking... But I ain't ok! Just......... Lack of inspiration. :p (not lying.)

Anyway since my next entry would probably be some long ass post, I'd make this a picture post.

Taken over the past 3 months. 

Ok, that's how long I actually haven't really updated this space. Don't even know if anyone's still reading.

 Classy bro. Wanna fight?

Right, so above were some pixs of myself before I turned into a red head.

Headed to Salon Vim a week ago to get my hair dyed, and I swear I'm overjoyed by the results.

So I spent about 15-30 minutes discussing with the hairdresser about the kinda colours I want, the shades etc.

Honestly, I was petrified out of my wits that my hair will turn into...

LOL, kidding. But I was really scared?! Bcos the furthest I went was some ugly orangey brown which, I hated. Apparently I left that terrifying impression to my BFF and she's so afraid to get her hair dyed now bcos she claims it looks like some chao ah lian. Fml.

I ended up choosing some burgundy red thing with ash brown as highlights! So the hairdresser actually had separate colours on each layer of my hair. She told me it's called the "Pikaboo highlights." Interesting.

Initially, she had to test out the colour on my hair to see if it went on. If it didn't, I had to end up bleaching it. And NO?!

I didn't have to!!!! *grins*

After 3 hours... It's done!!! Faster than I expected.

Applying some serum on my hair which smelled so heavenly. Hahaha, I could totally flip my hair a million times...

Salon Vim also offers the cocktail treatment which caters to individual needs! Probably gonna try it out during my next visit. :)

The princess moment when you've two people doing your hair...

So they were nice enough to give me these hair products to help me retain my hair colour for a longer time!

Overall, I was really pleased. The service, the quality and my hair especially! I guess I'll be red for quite some time. :p

Read up more at http://salonvimbychezvous.com.sg/ and get your hair done at their salon today! :)

Location: 313 Orchard Road 
#04-07/08/09 Somerset 

Due to their overwhelming crowd, I suggest you to book an apt before heading down! You don't want to make a wasted trip.

Tel: 68847757/68847767 


I have no idea why the hell my hand was placed in sucha weird manner, hahahahahaha!

Ok I'm ending this post with the most unflattering pictures of myself. I was bored.

Btw, I forgot to mention... I went for eyelash extensions! Luvin them.

Pixs from phone!