Here’s a little something about me and my expectations…

It really isn't easy to deal with expectations. Friends, your lover and especially your parents'. 
And it's worse being the only child in the family where all eyes and hopes are on you. 

You feel the pressure every now and then, whether you’re at home or hanging out with your friends. 

You feel the need to do well so you don’t disappoint anyone; your parents who put in so much effort in you and your education, your teachers who invested so much time to go that extra mile just to make sure that you understand your learning. Not forgetting... yourself.

I have really high expectations for myself, and maybe because I'm pretty much like a perfectionist, I always have to do things at my best, otherwise I won't even bother.

& I get really stressed up and frustrated easily whenever I can't carry out the tasks given to me. Like what my parents say, sometimes, I give myself that pressure more than anyone else could.

At times when I study pass my limit, I start to feel a whirl of emotions kicking in (only at the wrong time)!

Somehow, this is when I realize that I could put some constructive methods into good use. Be it studies, stress, BGR and whatnots.

Calm Down
  • Calming down always, always work! When you find yourself feeling stressed, stop doing what youre doing for a while, start breathing and calm yourself down. What Id like to do is it step away from my books, close my eyes and count to ten! ITS MAGIC!! :D

  • Think of ALL the possible solutions to your problems and start listing them down.  Dont be lazy, aim for 3 solutions at least!! Your brain needs to explore more options!!

Positive Thinking
  • Tell yourself that you are able to solve the issues at hand! Give yourself a pep talk, confidence is key!

Explore Options
  • Explore ALL the possible options you have listed down, think of the PROS and CONS of each option. Draw a table! After which, select your best option and start solving your problem!

Seek Help
  • Seek help from people you trust. It can be your bestfriends, parents, teachers or counsellors.

Whenever you feel stressed, apply COPES like me and you should find your solutions easily. Otherwise, you can also take some time off from your work and take a stroll nearby or even work out (this is what I usually do!) Remember, calm down, close your eyes and count to ten. Of course, don’t forget to breathe LOL.

If you guys noticed, I actually love skating a lot. I’d skate with my friends as much as I can, and I would spend the whole day doing so; It helps me forget my worries and stress, and it really makes me enjoy my life at the moment.

I hope that the tips I've provided are applicable to you guys and hopefully you all will be able to apply it to your life too! 

Sometimes when I close my eyes when facing stress and difficult situations, I let my mind wander. I’d feel different after a minute or so, because life’s too short to not cherish what we have and what we’re going through. 

Every day, every minute and second is unique! Start breathing and join me here today J

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