How To Cope With Stress.

"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James

Well, I know from the above title... It's kinda irrelevant to those of you who've already completed your EOY examinations, N's, PSLE or whatsoever. But who says you can only use these tips which I'm gonna share, now? Right...? 

Haha, I know this is more practical for those who are taking your O's tho! So let me share with you guys how I've been dealing with my ever-so-lasting stress that's building up day by day as each paper approaches. Of course, along with the unceasing determination.

Right. So many of you have always questioned me on how I actually tackle all my school work and alongside of it, everything that I've to attend to besides school; Social media, events etc.

Firstly, I'm not gonna try to persuade you because at the end of the day, it's your call and secondly, neither am I gonna patronize you and sugarcoat my words... But It's certainly not easy at all. 

However, I am gonna try my best to help! :)

Different people manage things differently and no doubt, there's an uncountable amount of ways to relieve stress but here's what I got for you...

HAHAHAHAHA, joking! Not funny? Ok. (Inserts the super sian face.) 

When you find yourself feeling really stressed, apply COPES

C – Calm Down
• When you find yourself feeling stressed, stop doing your work for a while, do some deep 
breathing, and calm yourself down. 

O – Options
• Think of all the possible solutions to the problem you are facing and list them down. 

P – Positive Thinking
• Tell yourself that you are able to solve the issue at hand. Confidence is key!

E – Explore Options
• Explore all the possible options you listed down, think of the pros and cons of each option, 
select the best option, and take action to solve your problem.  

S – Seek Help
• Seek help from people you trust (e.g. friends, parents, teachers, counsellors)

I bet some of you who've read up till this stage are probably thinking like "wtf... This is so damn lame?!" But hey c'mon, if it's gonna benefit you, why not?!

Plan your time and activities 
Keep a daily to-do list, keep a calendar and schedule not only your to-dos but also time out for yourself, divide up the tasks that seem large or difficult into smaller sub-tasks.

Eat healthily 
Eat a balanced diet consisting of a variety of foods from the different food groups, take plenty of fruits and vegetables, remember to hydrate on a regular basis!

Exercise regularly 
Physical activity releases endorphins which are feel-good hormones and helps to relieve stress.

Learn to cope with expectations 

• Personal Expectations
Set realistic goals. You can raise your expectations as you achieve your targets. Avoid unrealistic expectations as they can make you feel frustrated and lose confidence over time.

Ask for help from supportive people e.g. teachers, parents, friends. Mistakes are not failures learn from them and commit to do better the next time.

• Parents’ Expectations
Fix a time with your parents to talk about their expectations of you. Discuss your feelings openly, calmly, and honestly with them. Map out your own expectations and negotiate with them and tell them what help you may need from them.

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Chill out and like what the cheezy line always says,
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