It's been a crazy while since I've blogged, and goodness gracious I miss typing on this space so much. Anyway, I'd be coming up with a proper post really really soon, (which I've already prepared since 2 months back.) Stay tuned!

So right now, just wanna share with you guys where I usually get my lenses from! 

Well, they were previously known as Ibabydoll, and they've been sponsoring me lenses for quite some time already. I would gladly say that they're prolly one of the best!

Firstly because they are really efficient with their mailing services. It's like, I'll always be notified in advance, approximately how long will it take for my items to arrive. And they've never failed on me! My stuff always arrives on time. 

Unfortunately, I was born with screwed up, sensitive eyes and they turn red really easily. Before them, I've tried a couple of other brands which tend to cause irritation to my extremely vulnerable eyes... I believe you guys know better that the eyes are not only important when it comes to the appearance, but it's also vital for you to do.... EVERYTHING?!

Definitely, besides looking for a suitable brand, you would also have to be patient enough and also responsible, to cleanse your lenses on a daily basis. *(Even on those days where you don't wear them) 

I know it gets really tiring after awhile, but there's always a price to pay especially when it comes to beauty... right? *shrugs*

& they've a wide variety of colours and designs to choose from. From dramatic to natural (I know it kinda contradicts its purpose.) LOL.

I've previously done a brief advert on them before too, you can check it out (here)

One of my favourite designs because of its really unique prints.

lol. Feels like some kinda "Love made me blind" kinda emoji. hahaha.

Quote "Naomineo" to get $2 off every $40 spent + Free case and normal postage! 
 One pair only costs $18?!

It's seriously sucha good bargain I can't even...

Spree ends on the 19th this month!!! Hurry order yours now to be able to receive them asap. :)

Hope you guys could find something you like! Will be back soon. Till then!