Shadows & Regrets.

Tiny little thoughts about life.

The past 1.5 month or probably 2, was like the happiest time of my life... At least for this year. Honestly, I've never been so "free" for a really long time. I can honestly say that I haven't been happy. Yes, no doubt there were days when I was overwhelmed with joy for a bit.

But it never last. It never did.

I thought life would just continue to suck on and nothing will ever change, I'd always be stuck at the bottom and I'll never find my happiness again.

Have you ever felt like you've been so "happy" the whole day, only to realize it was just temporary once you're alone in your room at night? I've been feeling that for such a long time and it's only till recently where I came to realize I don't wanna be trapped in that hole anymore. 

It's time to unknot what's bugging me.

It's time I should feel good about myself and feel that there's a "bright side" of life once more.

So let me share my secret to how you change your life... Haha, kidding. There's no secret formula or whatsoever to it. 

It's only when you're contented with the things you have, you'd realize that life can actually be full of colours. I know this sounds rather cliche, and pretty silly... But I swear on this.

I've tried appreciating all the things around me, I started standing up for myself, I learned to brush negative thoughts aside. 

I begin to understand that sometimes it's just how your mind works (or allow it to work) that will make a whole lot of difference to your life.

Of course, I didn't just wake up one fine morning thinking "oh, life's gonna be great." before things worked out.

I tried. Failed. I tried again. I failed twice. I tried my very best once more. I may succeed or fail another time. But at least I know I've done my part.

I unleashed all the pain I had. I finally learned to let go. Let go of expectations, let go of the people who hurt me so bad. Let go of hatred. I finally felt like I could breathe again after removing all the damn burden.

I told myself that words don't mean anything, unless your actions comply to them. I was really determined that I wanted a change. I WANTED TO BE HAPPY & I DESERVE TO.

I guess it was partially due to my studies as well? I started to be really disciplined because of it and thankfully, I got so distracted and didn't wanna bother about other stuff.

Definitely, at some point after you've been treated like trash by so many people, you will just decide that sometimes instead of pleasing the entire world, please yourself first. For a change.

At least that's what I thought.

Life isn't perfect, it's how you decide to look at and deal with it that makes a whole wide difference.

And I think for once, I can say that with the help of all these, I've learned to embrace my flaws and started to love myself more after some time as well.

I see colours again.

Love isn't everything but it does makes the world go round.

I just wanna get over and done with my exams and I got so much more to share with you guys!!!! So many drafts saved already. Hahaha. Looking forward. - Kisses.

As for now, I'd be gone for awhile. Hope you guys will still be around when I'm back! I love you all.

I shall let the pictures speak now.

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