The Beauty Inside

Hi guys! Gonna share with y'all my favourite new online series "The Beauty Inside." It is an interactive social film, presented by Intel and Toshiba, directed by Drake Doremus, starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Topher Grace, and all of YOU. (I'll explain why at the end later.)

So far, they've already came up with two episodes and I'm really in love with it... It's definitely something I look forward to every week now!!! 

So exactly what's it about...?

First episode: Hello My Name is Alex.

Basically, Alex is in his mid twenties. He lives in Los Angeles. He restores antiques. And he's a pretty normal guy. Except for one thing: Everyday he wakes up looking like someone else. 

And it's been happening for as long as he can remember. Welcome to The Beauty Inside.

Second Episode: Leah.

Clearly, waking up everyday in a brand new body has its benefits. And Alex's gift has given him a pretty interesting perspective on the world. However the thing is, he wouldn't be able to share it with anyone about his new identity... Which sucks.

So what's gonna happen to Alex next.....?

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

The Beauty Inside is Hollywood's first social film that lets everyone in the audience play the lead role.

So back to where I stopped just now about YOU. Everyone will be able to play a part in this series of the Beauty Inside!!!

 If you haven't already auditioned, please do! Go to the "Audition Now" tab at Instructions will all be there waiting for ya! ;)

Like their facebook page and stay tuned to all the latest episodes!