"I love you so much, it hurts."

Just caught "LOL" before heading to bed last night. 
I have no idea why most people actually commented that it was a bad movie... Or maybe it's just me being bored and all, but I really loved it.

Just to share a few of my favourite scenes...

Miley and Douglas Booth were probably the cutest couple in the show. It just made me wanna have a best guy friend/boyfriend so bad. Hahahaha! Yea yea, I know I'm still young and all. Shut up.

Every time I watch movies like this, I just get so emotionally attached and the movie will just continue to play at the back of my head. 

I really miss that feeling of knowing that there's always that special someone who will be there every day and night.

But well, talking about this, I feel like the perhaps the reason why most girls these days always have high expectations of their perfect, ideal relationship is all due to these perfect love stories with happy endings all the freakin time... 

I won't deny I'm still that girl on the inside who believes in fairytale-love and that someday someone would step in my life and change everything. *waiting*

Anyway as usual, can't get my eyes off all the cute stuff. He's wayyyy too cute.

So I had a really bad time trying to sleep after the movie at around 2am. My gastric pain was acting up again for like the 12938019283th time in five f'in days already and I ended up tossing around my bed like no tomorrow. No sleep -

I really love this quote that Rihanna posted. Just sharing.

Short study date for an hour or two with Louis.

I know I look as if I'm digging my nose with that pen. P/s I'm not ok! wtf lol.

Out for lunch.

Gushcloud > Filming.

Saturday morning @ Knightsbridge for the private TS event shit with only mascara and brows done. Holy vagina.

I know you're gonna read this soon babe, and I just wanna thank you for coming back into my life. We've fell out before, spoke again, got even closer than before and I do wish this time you'd stay for good.

Even though each of us lost someone who meant a lot to us lately, but at least we (hopefully) still got each other's back. 

Sec school's coming to an end in about a month's time. After so many experiences, I finally woke up and realize that friends do come and go. I wouldn't even dare imagine us being BFFS. But whatever happens, please note that you'd still be kept close to my heart.

Thank you for being there over the past one month or so when I had no one to rely on or speak to.  And I honestly still have a million of things to say to you but I guess this is enough to strain your eyes. HAHAHA. I love you rah.

P/s I'm so glad to have you in my life. No homo. 

What else...?

Lunch at TCC. Almost 70 bucks for just the two of us. Crap. 

Random pixs.

Anyway many of you have been asking where I get my contact lenses...

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