Statementmuse + Hair Tutorial

I always had a fetish for accessories ever since I was as young as 6. And I love those with a variety of colours especially.

I guess most of you are aware, especially if you're a reader for quite some time; I'm very into punk rock genre/style because of avril. Hahaha and I really love things that are designed with studs, spikes and skulls.

So I have a new found love for this online store STATEMENTMUSE.COM

Maybe I'm a little bias, because they sell loads of accessories with spikes! HOLY CRAP.

P/s that doesn't dishonor the fact that they are still good!

Anyway, I got sponsored a few pieces and here are three of them which I love most!

(This is actually a necklace, I wore it as a bracelet instead.)

Skull cuff. 

My fav spiked necklace!

Here are some that I saw on the their webpage which captivated my attention too!

Rings, bags, Necklaces, Hair ties, Bracelets, Earrings and many more!

I swear I would have chosen everything if I could. Hahahaha. *Greedy*

So besides having an online store, what I love most is that they have a booth @ Scape which is open every weekend!!! (Details below) That's probably the best part because I'm a regular there and it's better in that case because you can see how they really look before purchasing!

If everything I wrote above still doesn't sound convincing, Ima bribe you over now...

Quote "NaomiNeo" to receive 10% discount! 
Provided that you've liked their facebook page or followed them on twitter or instagram (@statementmuse). Do notify them upon checkout so as to get the 10% discount :)


StatementMuse has a retail space located at miyoc @ jcube.
And parcel collection will be available at the retail store!!! FAB or what?!

They also provide express pickup at their office from Monday to Thursday. So those who need their items URGENTLY, fret not! Nevertheless it is subjected to the availability of their staff's schedule as well.

Lastly, flash...

upon every purchase of $12 and above at their flea booth to be entitled a free ring!

Venue: Booth is currently located opposite Gongcha, you will need to take a stairs up and we will be right in front.
Date: Friday, saturday and sunday, from 2pm to 10pm.

Do contact Lydia @ 96616592 if you guys have any queries! :)

& If you've yet to check out my hair tutorial...