2 papers down... 10 more to go! Hope you guys have been studying diligently for
the past few weeks too, crossing my fingers that we’d all do well for the papers
all together!

I actually headed down to Funan DigitaLife Mall on 18 August (TGX2012’s first mall
tour) to support Kimberly Chia as TGX2012’s ambassador! It was nice watching
her go up on stage for kinda like a little "get-to-know-me-better session."

The host of the day
was Jacqui from 987FM!!! I love how the radio djs have like really nice voices... :( Most importantly, I had a better insight on TGX2012!

The moment Kim went onto stage, her fans aka “Kimchis” who were dressed in pink were
supaaa enthu in cheering for her lol. All the photographers from all over were busy snapping pictures of her too. 

I felt a little depressed looking at Kim..... She’s like damn skinny and tall! wtf.


Jacqui from 987FM then proceeded to do a Q&A on the event TGX2012, asking really simple
questions like when’s the next mall tour, what are the dates and who are the ambassadors! Hur
hur, if you don’t know you can focus on the backdrop in this pic too

Finally, it was time for the event that I was highly anticipating for!! It was time for the cosplayers!!!!

These are a few contestants for CosX, TGX2012’s cosplaying competition!! 
The moment they
came on, everyone rushed to snap pictures of them! Just a little heads up, those costumes are
actually… HAND-MADE!!!! Amazing what, no??? 

I immediately went to approach one of them and asked if I could start creating my own cosplay costumes too. But there’s actually a lot of hard work that goes behind these costumes…. meh. Disappointed. hahahaha!

Aloysius (who used to act in I Not Stupid) came down to support Kim too!

Ending off, if you weren’t around to join us for the first and second round of TGX2012 Mall Tour, you can do the same this weekend! TGX2012 Mall Tour is happening on 7th to 9th September at Expo Hall 5. 

It’s a free admission event, so do turn up together with me! I’ll be sharing some simple directions at the end of this
post too

I’m psyched to “meet” the CosX participants too! Here are my top 2 favorites!!

1. Gundam (read more about Gundam Series here!)

2. Iron Man! Fell for his character previously at Gushcloud’s
screening of The Avengers! He’s smart, witty, and rich all at the same time hahahaha. If only he's real. Even my girlfriends love him too!

If you’re interested, his recent armored suits give him the standard superhuman strength and durability, flight and the unibeam projector. They also have energy shields, an electromagnetic pulse generator, arm-mounted cannons and projectile launchers, various tools like a drill or detachable hip tasers which can absorb and release energy too!

In movies we don’t really understand, but when we see Iron Man fighting we go
like “wah damn cool!!” And these are actually stuffs his armors are about!

To see more pictures of the cosplayers in their costumes, click here to visit TGX2012’s album “CosX Competition”! Do click on the “LIKE” button before you start exploring too!

If you would like to join in the fun all together, PLEASE come in your cosplay costumes too!!!

Both Kimberly and Yixi, the official ambassadors of TGX2012, will be there on the 7 th
at Singapore Expo Hall 5 at 10am! You don’t have to be a cosplayer, or a cosplay fan do join us!

No idea how to spend your weekend?
No idea what to get for your boyfriend’s birthday?
No idea how to spend quality time with your family and friends?

HALL 5!!!!!!!

I promise it would be fun too :p

Click on link below to visit TGX2012 official Facebook page, and thank you for
reading! Remember, do come down and join us this 7th Sep ok?