Toshiba Satellite M840

Hi guys!!! Guess what do I have for you today! *deng deng deng*

Toshiba Satellite M840!!!!!!!

Thank you Toshiba & Intel for lending me your precious Satellite M840 over the weekends! I was so excited while unwrapping this bag of surprise… No idea what to expect, not even the color of it! But I was hoping & praying so hard for it to be in Pink Blush! (P/s Pink's my fav colour)

And YES!!! I was really, really lucky to get it in Pink! Cause when I went down to Gushcloud's office to pick it up, there was 2 brand new laptops wrapped in it's boxes, which didn't state the colors of it. I didn't wanna go through the trouble of unwrapping them then wrapping it up again, so I randomly picked one up!  


Last Friday night, I was home revising for my papers and I felt that I needed a break from the books & notes…. So I quickly picked up my Satellite M840, switched it on and wanted to go out and grab a cup of water. But guess what? It only took 1 min or less to load! I didn't even manage to leave my seat! *Fascinated*

(Bare face... Sobs.)


I'm really happy with Toshiba's latest Satellite M840, it has got everything I look for in a laptop! Especially when I need to travel to school, dates, events etc. It's only 1.99kg I could carry it around all day and not feel tired at all!! 

Loading my blog so I can check out the comments :P

It's so sleek & pretty it literally reflects who I am (pun intended), again, it's only 1.99kg, it's able to sleep & charge at the same time (!!!), has high speed start up and full processing power!!! 

These laptops are no longer just tools for work! They have become accessories which truly reflect one’s personality and style with its metallic mirror finish and stylish range of colours!!!

Just some really cool info you might like to know... 

○   Sleek Profile
○   Weighs ONLY 1.99kg (did some research, laptops usually weigh 2kg & above!)
○   Sleep & Charge
○   Panel Open-Power On / Toshiba Hi-Speed Start Technology
○   Full processing power with Intel®  Core Processors
○   3 Cool colours to choose from:

Be the Satellite Star

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