Drug Abuse (LILWS)

So some time back in March I spoke about how the amount of people smoking have been on the rise (you can check it out here) and this time I'm gonna share with you guys how drugs actually cause as much harm to our health as well.

Live It Loud With Sports

You know it's so funny how people think it's okay to take drugs just because everyone's doing it? And how they're constantly reminded by the media and all about how drugs will cause a detrimental effect on their health but hardly anyone takes it to heart.

You see, the thing with people is that... Just because it hasn't happen, we take for granted that it will not happen. Sadly, bad things don't always take place right away.

You may feel good for that temporary moment when you pop that pill into your mouth, but have you ever considered about the permanent consequences you've to suffer from thereafter?

I know the temptation and urge beats our self-control sometimes, but don't use it as an excuse for yourself to continue making the wrong decisions.

Sometimes it's just that little bit of self-discipline and determination that can make a whole wide difference...

What if you run out of drugs one day? Would you need a whole lifespan of drugs to keep you happy all the time then?

Don't you think it's pathetic if you've to survive on pills for your own happiness? Have you ever thought about that you'll actually be trading your life in return for it?

 Look at all these well-known celebrities that passed away after overdosing on these harmful "temporary-happy pills."

Amy Winehouse; I really love Amy's songs (Calling her as if she's like my good friend, hahaha. Whatever) and it was really devastating when it came to my knowledge about her death.  

She's definitely someone worth remembering but look at what drugs turned her into. Sucha pity isn't it? She was a really talented singer :( 

& I know reasons for Whitney and Mj's death are still kinda left unknown and there's a lot of different stories coming from different people.

However, from what I've read... They do have a habit of consuming drugs as well. Even if it wasn't the main cause of their deaths, I believe they could've been much healthier. Which concludes that it did play a role in deteriorating their health, be it minor or major.

I guess many of you have already heard of one particular drug called "ice", its use has increased over the years.

Look at these "before and after" images of these ICE consumers... It's rather sad and awful at the same time.

Question of the day is: Do you wanna end up looking like this? (No duh.)

Methamphetamine usually comes in crystallized form known as Methamphetamine Hydrochloride. It is more commonly known as 'Ice' in Singapore. It is a strong stimulant, which is odourless and colourless. 

It also comes in tablet form called 'Ya ba'. The stimulant powder in 'Ya ba' is produced from the ephedrine plant. 

Methamphetamine has a very strong effect on the central nervous system and is highly addictive. The abuser feels anxious and restless which can lead to violent behaviour.


Alright, back to what the whole post is about... What kinda sports can you do to lead a healthy drug-free lifestyle?

Good question. Personally, I've not been a really sporty person since lately and the only excuse I can find for myself is due to my lazy personality. LOL.

However, trust me I'm super competitive when it comes to sports. I hate losing. Yeap, you can conclude I'm a sore loser. Meh.

I don't really know what I can count as a sport and what I can't... So I guess there isn't a particular sport that I love, but to me it's definitely sports over drugs.

However, I'm very active whenever it comes to my school's annual sports carnival cos I love running and like what I've mentioned previously I used to be in athletics. Time to show off...

Hahaha, I don't exactly know how to describe it... But the feeling of achieving something definitely feels satisfying.

When you're feeling down and stressed etc, what drugs can do to make you feel better... Sports can as well. Why choose something that harms your life over something that keeps you healthy? 

So anyway....  Sportzamania 2012 
Anti-Drug Sports Carnival is back with a bang!

The Futsal tournament will be inviting youths under 25 to form teams of five to compete in
knock-out rounds to qualify for the finals. 

However, if you’re not into Futsal, The Amazing Race
is calling youths aged 13-25 to form teams of up to four to complete 12 stations of

Best part? No training or specific skills required – just be there and have fun!

Event date: 16 September 2012.
Venue: Sports Planet East Coast

If you're not keen in taking part in any of the sports-related events... Because you're just a lazy bum, then you might wanna consider making your way down for other fun stuff like:

Carnival games
Drug Buster Academy (a new mobile exhibition bus)
Design contests
And many more!

Cash prizes worth over $10,000 to be won!