A little bit about myself.

Sometimes, I really have no idea what I want in life or what I really like and wish to pursue. Thinking back, I've taken up more than 5 different classes since young but nothing really lasted.

For instance, I started off with art lessons... Then I lost interest in it, and took up Chinese calligraphy (Da fuck was going thru my mind.) Soon, I took Ballet classes which I guess lasted the longest (8 years) and other stuff like Athletics, (3  years, and I really loved it, but my current budget school doesn't offer it.) Guzheng, Hip hop, Jazz, Modern Dance, Guitar and Muay Thai... I even went for cooking lessons back then. lol.

I couldn't stop being fickle-minded towards everything!!! I even had intentions of picking up surf boarding after my O's. When I told my dad about it... He just gave me a 5 secs long stare and went like, "I'm pretty sure you'd forget about it in a few weeks time." 

No doubt, I clearly forgotten about it until now... 

I don't know, my mom told me that even when it comes to relationships... I'm as screwed up. Which sadly is quite.... True. 

I don't know, maybe I still enjoy dancing after all...... but I feel old and weak in the bones already hahahaha. 

As of now, I guess my priorities would still be my studies... Hardly any spare time to even do anything. Life of a teen surely sucks.

Last friday with ben @ starbucks.

My new baby!

Saturday with Dan...

He's so annoying but still the funniest asshole on earth.

Dad got this for me... Sigh how can I not love him.

And I was emo-ing that night... So I didn't know who to confide to and in the end I shared my problems with my dad instead... Waking up in tears when I saw his reply.

Sunday @ PP for sashimiiiiii. Eye make up for that night~

Did I mention I love Jap food more than any other cuisine?! 

Couldn't help but to get these when I saw them.... On dad's acc again. lol. It's so hard to find Miss bunny's stuff around :(

And my recent fav diet.

Uneven cream before sleeepzzzz.

Jo made this for me, hahaha sucha sweetie. Love her :)

And my sketch after reading the Reader's Digest. Bleh.

Lastly....... I love Chachi :') and she's just wayyyy tooooo compatible with Ian ahhhh.

Wouldn't have known about her if it wasn't for my ex bf. But I just love her so much now. Hopefully she drops by for her workshop one day...

In case if you've no idea who she is...

The part that makes me feel ashamed is that she's actually 16 too. Fml. Alright bye!