TGX 2012

Hi guys, I'm back again! Feeling a little guilty cause I'm supposed to be revising, but can't help feeling bored so my hands kinda reached out for the computer…. Meh.

*spams some pictures I took over the past few days first*

Speaking of which, I believe a lot of you readers are going through O'levels together with me and have been asking for advices on how to cope with the stress level. Or rather, how do I cope with it myself. (Balancing with all my social life etc.)

It's definitely not easy having to mug Mondays to Sundays, keeping up with my social life, and dealing with the additional stress I get from filming (don't wanna reveal the title yet! HEHE.

The last time I really needed to lighten the load on my shoulders, I confided in my dad… Someone who I respect and love very much and definitely also my hero. Not forgetting my friends, who are constantly there for me when I needed them. 

Except during the times when I don't really wanna share, I would do this one thing that keeps me sooo occupied that I'll naturally be free from all the problems I have!!! - Playing games. 

Many of the guys around me do play games like World of War Craft, Diablo 3 and Left 4 Dead. Out of which, L4D is my favorite! & Grand Theft Auto (I REALLY LOVE THIS ONE!) I use to play Audition and Maple back in my younger days too... HAHAHA. 

I could play GTA all day, with full concentration until I lost track of them and all. (No one knows that I game actually. lolol.)

I can get really addicted, so I try to only play it when I have time during the holidays. You know how unhealthy you could be if you lose self-control, so I always keep myself in check *sticks out tongue*

Also if you noticed, I've been really supportive of TGX and have been talking about it for the past few weeks!  TGX2012 actually stands for The Game Xpo, happening in Singapore Expo Hall 5 this 7th to 9th September. Here's TGX's Official Facebook Page >  

I'm really looking forward for TGX's launch on 7 Sept and I'll get to see Kim (@Kimberly_Chia) and Yixi (@Chenyixi) live talking about the games they love playing! Here's a pic of them cosplaying a few weeks ago… 

If you like TGX too, feel free to "Like" TGX and VizPro's Facebook page here ok? And follow my friends on twitter too :)

Log on to to check out VizPro's latest events as well!! 

TGX12 Mall Tour is happening on 17 to 19 August AND 24 to 26 August at FUNAN DIGITALIFE MALL 11am to 8am daily!!! (Who's going with me on Sat?)

Location: 109 North Bridge Road S(179097) 

Here's a poster of TGX2012 to end the post, hope you enjoyed this! 

P.S. Click HERE if you wanna read more on TGX12 with Kim & Yixi!