Last Week

Another short update. This time I won't be typing much because I'm really busy with school work... :'( So just some pictures to keep you guys updated for now! :)

Last Friday's Racial Harmony day~

Went to Gushcloud office after that... The back of the office now is totally for camwhoring hahaha.

Crop top - Topshop
Duo tone arc skirt - Noixcracker
Platforms - Hongkong

Went to Saizeriya for dinner with my baby.

Love her so muchhh.

We were famished... Explains the amount of food we ordered hahaha!

Love this pair of Jeffery Campbell inspired Litas sponsored by 

Evil Valentine!

On sunday... Hahahah! Crazy childhood deprived teens @ Toys R Us.

Had quite a bit of fun~

Did my girl's hair for her. Will be posting a tutorial on this braid soon :)

And another DIY cover~

After seeing this set of my lil' ponies, I bought them and transformed them into a dust plug instead...

Alright, will be back soon when I'm not so lazy to bring my camera out to take proper pictures.... :P Ciao~