Out of goodbyes.

Alright, I don't have much to say today...

I'll be doing my DIY weaved top and handphone cover tutorial soon though :) As soon as I get the materials!!

As of now, I shall let the pictures do the talking!

Top from ashincans.livejournal.com

Trying out this bodycon dress @ Topshop hahaha. Yea, been shopping at topshop every weekend since last month. Ahhhh, have to stop spending TT

Nail art @ Scape :) Every saturday!

Ahhhh, don't you love my nails?! At least I do!!! Hahaha.

OOTD - Denim Zip Bralet & MOTO High Waist Hotpants.

And a day out with Yasmin... Hmm, really sweet girl. :)

Some random people!

Beret!!! I always love girls in beret, but I don't feel secure enough about it to wear it out. Hahaha! Oh well.