Great Deals at Popular!!

Hey guys!!! Since it's the hols now, I thought it's time that I get some new stationeries and assessment books in preparation for the upcoming semester. 

I know I said this a million times, but O's is so damn dreadful lah!!! The thought of it coming in a few months' time really makes me sick. But it brightened me up a little when I received a $50 voucher to shop at the POPULAR Bookstore.

So yes, I made my way down to Tampines Mall's (4 Tampines Central 5 #03-17) Popular to get my junk today with my baby girl. Mwahaha.

Hahaha was greeted with loads of Music CDS/DVDS and I spotted 1D's UAN concert video :P


English pop??? Ok still got more lah, but I lazy to take. Go check out yourselves. lol.

Headphones?! 5% off. -grins-

Ok I totally went like "I NEED ONE OF THESE!!!" to rah when I saw them.
Need it to store my storybooks. bleah.

Sorry, I'm naturally attracted to sparkly and glittery stuff. Irresistible.

Book wrappings?

Notepads? Useful for taking down notes etc for your lessons and lectures.

Ok, duh... Why am I stating the obvious.

Loads of variety of different file types and colours! 

Penssss, makers, highlighters blablabla :)

Art students? Time to put your money into good use!

Some stuff that you can give away as presents as well!!! I thought they were pretty presentable... Plus wrapping papers available too. Hahaha!

Some daily necessities.

Post-its!!! The pink one caught my attention.

And of course, not forgetting the whole purpose why I decided to go to the BOOKstore...

Got some assessments for bbg and myself. :)) Nerd mode switched on.

Happygal96 at the end of the trip!!! 

Girls being girls...

So here are some of my meaningless camwhore images + buys of the day!

Guess what??? As long as you spend $50 and above on a single receipt, you get to take part in the lucky draw!!!

-aunty mode-

Well, as shown above or below:

1) a 30% voucher off Day ticket to LEGOLAND® Malaysia!!!

where there are more than 40 rides, shows and attractions.

Since it's the holiday season, great opportunity to win this voucher and make your way down to M'sia for a fun and exciting trip at the Asia's first Legoland theme park right?!

2) Get a lucky draw chance to Win A Family Retreat to LEGOLAND® Malaysia!
    (3 sets of prizes up for grabs)

* Prize includes the following: 1 night stay in a 2-bedroom suite @ Pulai Springs Resort (breakfast included) and 2-day entry passes into the theme park for a family of 4.

Every $50 spent entitles you to 1 lucky draw coupon and one 30% Discount Voucher, up to a max. of 4 lucky draw coupons and four 30% discount vouchers for $200 nett spent & above.

If that doesn't captivate you enough, 

POPULAR Members get to enjoy 20% off all English and Chinese books. All other English and Chinese books are now at 10% off from now till the 17th of June!!!

Don't let this chance slip pass your fingers guys! Reminder to study hard for your major exams if you're having them too :)

For more details, please visit 

or any of the POPULAR Bookstores (click here for location of stores) islandwide.  

Good luck and happy hols! :)