NAFA Graduation Fashion Show' 12

Attended a spectacular NAFA Diploma in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing Graduation show 2012 over at NAFA's Lee Foundation Theatre 151 Bencoolen St last Wednesday; 

Where 31 Graduating students had a chance to portray their meticulously designed outfits and only a few were chosen as the best designs by the judges.

First up, "Blacque - Minimalist, Contemporary, Tailored, Sleek, Quality
kicked off the show with their stunning menswear worn on gorgeous looking models. 

This was in fact my very first Fashion "runway" show I've attended and I really enjoyed myself.

Never knew guys could look good with really short shorts. Hahaha! This totally proved wrong.

Representing Blacque were:
Alison Lim, Goh Shu Jing, Ling Chai Hun and Teo Huei Bao

"Axis - Versatile, Polished, Modern, Minimal, Individualistic."

Mad in love with the outerwear!!!! Isn't it cute?!

Damn this models for making me feel so demoralized with their barbie-like features.

Representing Axis were:
Ang Hwei Shyan, Gan Yu Ping, Lau Yan Xin, Nur Firda Bte Samat and Sun Yi En

The one that really caught my attention in the entire show!!! The kid's wear! Ahhhh, the little girls were so lovable.  

"PRS - Adventurous, Light-hearted, Vibrant, Carefree and Playful."

Isn't she beautiful??!?!?!?!

Representing PRS were:
"Chan Ying Jie, Chua Yuan Ting and Neo Kai Lin."

"Woodruff - Contemporary, Modern, Practical, Unpretentious, Versatile."

Swear she gave me the vibes of Pocahontas. LOL.

Representing Woodruff were:
"Nidya Ratnasari Wiguno, Tiara Widjaja, Yustine Chandra."

WINNER - "Interpret - Tailored, Elegance, Understated confidence, Innate Sophistication, Demi-luxe, Refined."

Mind blown. They definitely deserved the award. Love the pants!!! Hahaha.

Representing Interpret were:
"Chua Xin Yun, Kim sori, Phiralia Dwi Luanda, Shane Poh Leong Peng."

"NOX - Confident, Fresh, Bold, Empowering, Polished."

I wonder if their shoes are on sale, it's so pwiddy T_T 

Hahaha, what a timing to capture this image. But I think she looked equally good anyways :/

Representing NOX were:
"Angela Annabel, Ng Li Ying, Ng Si min, Shima Suriati."

Momoe - "Bubbly, Zestful, Quirky, Exuberant, Fun."

Whoo hoo!!! Another exciting moment, with the cutie pie collection!!!!

She's so cute. LOL. 

Representing Momoe were:
"Anis Bte Razali, Law Shili, Tan Wen Yun." 

"NEU - Whimsical, Romantic, Feminine, Modern, Alluring."

One of my favourite collection ;)

Representing NEU were:
"Che Shi Min, Chew Xue Lin, Chua Hui Joo Priscilla, Ng Yanshan."

"Parallux - Minimalist, Uber Modern, Wardrobe, Essentials, Innovative, Exquisite."


Representing Parallux were:
"Claudia Lee, Gan Hong Ghim, Gan Pei Hoon, Lai Jun Seng."

Representing Gywn were:
"Joenna Tandijono, Kam Ming Hui, Natcha Vitavaskarnwej, Pang Lin Ting."

The show was then ended off with a Finale put up by all the Models.

Some of the collections on display!

And last of all, ending this post off with A PICTURE OF ME. HAHAHA.

Have never once attended a NAFA event without feeling tempted to join them after graduating. They really offer supa cool diplomas... And what more I really love fashion!!!! ARGH. Ok, cya guys! :-*

(Some books that I was given in the goodie bag!)