Where Have You Been.

So I'm back with some pictures again!!! I realized I haven't been taking a lot of pictures recently, especially with my camera. It's like using my phone is so much easier.

Laziness = Story of my life.

Anyway have been super busy since the exams till now and I feel really worn out; physically and mentally drained. And I don't know what's up with my mood lately as well. Have been losing it so frequently.

Nothing much changed, still the same, old boring me. Not sure if I'm looking forward to the month of June. I feel like it's just a "stay-at-home-to-study" month more like a holiday.

Events and all to attent to as well. :( And I'm deprived of clothes. Shopping needs x1231904819302. lol.


Anyway, these are some overdue pixxxss!

Making my way down to SPH for an interview with The Straits Times.

And here's the article featured in the IN Magazine.

Pixie Lott's Showcase @ Zirca, thanks to BT! :)

Brought girlfy with me. (I know my eyebags were horrendous that day. Results of lack of sleep...)

The crowd queuing with excitement!

So after the crazy amount of false alarms from all the cheering -_- ... here she is!!!!! *Roll the drums*

K I know the video kinda suck, cos I was too lazy + engrossed in the performance. Hahahaha. You can search up for more on youtube if you want to :)

Swear she's an angel from above... Too beautiful. :')

I mean who wouldn't be in love with her?! I would turn crooked for her....

Okay, on second thoughts, no I'm still 101% straight. Hahahaha!

Actually the best part was finally getting to have our dinner! I swear the moment the food was served, I devour down everything. Plus, it's my fav jap ramen. Damn authentic.

As far as I know, there are like two outlets, one at Suntec and the other at Central. It's called Ramen Santouka if I'm not wrong.

Price = damn affordable!!!

One Direction's Up All Night Live tour Premiere at the grand theatre, thanks to bt as well~

HAHAHAHA please ignore my face, I just had to do that.....

Check out my glowing halo! Hahahaah.

After school~

Dinner with the usuals last Fri. (Pictures grabbed from pxd's blog.) hahaha.

Out with my bby rahh for a study date in the afternoon and met Dee in the evening for dinner.


Ok random faces. I was bored.

Yesterday was my Chinese O lvl paper. Would rate it a 6.5/10. Hahaha, not gonna have too high hopes in case it cocks up; after all it's been awhile since I actually put in the effort on my Chinese. :P

Caught "The Road" with the qt Kylerrrr after that. Effin good movie... I'm so into horror movies. But I was nearly scared out of my wits... damn gross. lol.

Looking at the picture below still sends me the creeps ok....

 Finally caught up with him after donkey years. No pictures, cos he's camera-shy. Meh. Go and hunt for my older entries if you wanna see him. Hahahaha! 

Meanwhile I'm gonna try my luck again and get a picture of him! Determined.

And lastly, here are some really sweet people I met at those places!!! Haha.

P/s these pixs are all sent by them ok!!! So it's not edited. Go eat your own shit if you think I photoshopped my pictures. hahahaha. kidding.

Ending this entry off with a video you girls requested!!! Some of my accessories collection :)