Biorhythm (Music & the Body)

Dragged myself out of bed last Friday as early as 7 in the morning, to head down to the Singapore Science Centre; to attend the Biorhythm exhibition.

Not a wasted trip though. Gotta learn about how our bodies actually interact with sound particles etc.

So let the learning journey begin...

At the conference room listening to an introduction talk, before we proceeded to the exhibits.

First up, The Body Snatcher.

Using the body as a musical instrument, this interactive audiovisual installation presents the aesthetics of the anatomy in a visually engaging way.

It was pretty cool; how your voice will be converted into this "music" or rather sound thing after it's being transferred through the mic. Had a great laugh hahaha.


Energetic contact with other human bodies produces sonification in this sensory artwork, which then builds up a soundscape to turn visitor's body and skin into musical instrument.

Didn't try it, but apparently you can feel the sound particles through vibration when you hold on to that metal ball. Damn, physics. lol!

Chains of Emotion.

Visitors are encouraged to form human chains to create a unique and ever-changing musical performance. Metal chains hanging in the exhibition invites visitors to form links in a musical chain.

By grasping on tightly to each other's hand, with your other hand gripped on the chains, you'd be able to hear music form!!!!!! Ultra awesome can?! I was amazed...

Shermaine!!! Haha she's sucha sweetie.

Say hi to the two belles filles, Donna and Rachel.

Hear hear.

Created through collaboration between an artist and a scientist, Hear Hear explores of the world of human hearing.

This reminds me of the ones I used to play with at the playground, whereby one can hear another through some..... I forgotten what's it called. But I'm assuming you get what I mean. :P


A real-time installation, this experimental musical piece is shown on three screens as a video triptych, using unique musical instruments built and developed for the three musicians and adopted as body extensions.

Sadly, didn't get to try this out but you can always head down to experience it yourself!!! He he. *shrugs*

Theremin Inspectors.

Through a mixed-reality visualisation experience enabling visitors to see the electromagnetic fields that they interact with every day, this exhibit highlights how the human body interacts with electromagnetic fields to make music.

I personally gave this a name... The buzz. Cos all I heard was some buzzing sound when I tried it. I guess I'm a failure when it comes to this, explains why I dislike Physics so much. 

But apparently there were people who can come up with very good music from this instrument...

Me trying to act pro with my unskillfulness. Unabashed. -_-

Introducing my favourite exhibit of that day, 


This multi-user audio visual experience uses coded objects on the table that are picked up by sensors, creating a sonic experience every time the piece is moved. The objects can be played by different performers simultaneously.

IT WAS FASCINATING. Ok, maybe I'm a bit "sua-ku" (ignorant) but it was really cool. Felt like I was dj-ing and creating some music of my own. And it really DOES create music. I swear.

Please ignore how silly I look.

Sonic Bed.

Sub woofers are embedded in the Sonic Bed, producing a deep and intimate sonic soundscape throughout the structure to connect all five senses, allowing visitors to feel and hear the transmitted sound.

I just know I felt like it was instant heaven lying on this bed. Because not only was it comfy, it has like this vibrating effect from my head to toe, like some massage bed. lol. But the sound was overwhelming though.

Eric posing for a picture. His attempt was rather hysterical. Hahaha.

Evon and me! Girls at work.

Emotion in Motion.

An on-going experiment with music, emotion and physiology, this exhibit measures emotions through heart-rate monitors and skin conductance which read visitors' physical response to music.

Basically, the description explains it all. I was a noob acting like I was really working my way out with this thing... My impatience ruined it all though. I was too lazy to figure it out. HAHAHA.

Heart N' Beat.

This unique musical instrument uses the body as an electric circuit, taking the pulse and transforming it into sound effectively using visitors' heartbeats as the basis of music! Visitors can add their own sound samples and play along to the beat of their own hearts.

Trying to experiment this diligently.... I think I'm inhuman. Proves why I couldn't hear my heartbeat. Nah, kidding.

Sonic Chair.

This reconstructed 1920s chair is full of sonic charges, and visitors are allowed to manipulate the voltage-controlled oscillators, enabling them to experience the power of sound.

Anyway I roughly figured out that everything that has sonic charges gives you that massaging effect... I think. 

There are still two other exhibits such as the Optofonica Capsule and Binural head, which I didn't had the time to try out.

But well, if you're keen in this showcase...

About the Exhibition:

The exhibition merges science and art through a series of highly interactive exhibits.

Exhibition dates: 16 June - 14 August 2012.
Venue: Annexe Hall 3.
Enquiries: 6425 2500 /

Admission charges: 

Biorhythm only - $8
Biorhythm & SCS - $11

Do make your way down to check out the exhibits as $8 is really cheap for such a one-of-a-kind-never-before-showcased exhibition!!!

Random pixs :P