The things we hate about most guys.

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Finally coming up with something I've been wanting to talk about. If you've already noticed the title, it simply explains the purpose of this entry today.

And before I begin, just like to make these points across that.... 

Firstly, if you think I'm a darn sexist here, trying to show how ignorant I am by portraying my predilection for my own sex... Then fuck you, bcos I already did a post for the guys before. (link)

Secondly, no I am not generalizing here bcos I am clearly aware that this post is not applicable to every guy out there.

Thirdly, this are just my personal opinions and if you don't agree with them or if they offend you... Either way, I apologize in advance.


a) Is it just me or are more and more guys becoming really discourteous and shabby these days? It's like they can utter all sorts of impertinent remarks to a girl.

I'm not being all old-fashioned and traditional here, but since young I always feel that my impression on a good man would be one that is gallant/chivalrous. 

Yet to my dismay, scrolling through facebook and looking at all the negative comments made on a picture a girl posts, totally tarnishes my perfect image towards the guys out there. 

Things such as "You fucking cunt." "Big time whore." "I wanna fuck you." "Tits or gtfo." SERIOUSLY?! I swear there are nothing in the world that I hate more than rude people. 

Of course, if she's dangling half her boobs there, flashing her cleavage and all... Perhaps I get where you're coming from. But I still stand my ground that all girls deserve to be respected unless they don't respect themselves.

b) Another thing about respect; If she says NO, RESPECT HER GOD DAMN DECISION.

What's with guys that try to lay their hands on a girl's boobs or try getting in her pants on one-one dates?! 

Control your hormones please. Feelings doesn't necessarily have to be sparked off with intimacy. I know I'm gonna sound stupid to some of you but, if you love a girl you should respect her and her body.

Girls are not your sex toys, we don't live just to satisfy your pleasure needs.

If it's mutual, fine. If it isn't, learn how to accept NO for an answer.


a) FYI...

Your obtuseness might be a joke to you and your friends, but definitely not to her. Trust me, criticize her once and she'd remember it for life

Even if you think we're petty and extremely irrational for getting mad over the slightest things, I'm sorry to say, but this is us! We're wired to be more sensitive and emotional. I understand how easy it is for some guys to brush things off when they are insulted, but sadly it's not the same for us.

b) Which leads back to part a, we hate it when you treat us differently in front of your bros and behind closed doors.

We expect you to stand up for us when your friends make a fool out of us, not join them and have a great laugh about it! -_____-

Jokes aside, of course there are times when we know you're just joking and wanna have some fun... C'mon, we're not that boring. But perpetually bringing up our flaws DO make us feel insecure and bad about ourselves...

Don't you guys love confident girls? *shrugs*

c) Don't compare us or tell us how good another girl is, even if she's some virtual celebrity shit. We take everything you say to heart even if we don't seem as if we do! 

Especially if she's obviously better in every aspect, we tend to feel really shitty which thereafter leads us  into thinking that we're not good enough for you.

I know how girls do that sometimes as well, but if that's the case, if you know how it feels then don't do it to us too.


a) When caring for us turns into an excuse.

I hate it most when guys think it's okay to lie, as long as they think it will benefit us if we don't know about it.

And after we caught you lying, "I didn't mean to hide it from you, I just thought it might actually hurt you if you knew the truth."

This is my gift to you...

Won't it actually hurt us more if we find out about it ourselves? And pleaseeeee for god's sake, for your sake, for mother earth's sake, don't underestimate a girl's mind and her ability of finding out the truth.

Cos our curiosity and intuition will always make us wanna go the extra mile just to make ourselves feel at ease. In other words, when we're bothered by something, we won't just sit there and do nothing bout it. Most of the time.

So don't lie cos chances are, you'd be pretty fucked if we find out about it and don't even try making it seem as if we're in the wrong, that's gonna fuck you up x2.

If we find out about it, never ever try to cover it up with more lies. Cos when we expose you, half the time we already have some concrete shit evidence and questioning you is prolly like a test to see if you're penitent or not.


One of the worst or maybe stupidest lie ever... If you cared, sparing a minute of your time to update her on your whereabouts or at least telling her that you're busy DOES NOT kill.

What's with "too busy"? Admit it, it's just a matter of if you want to and if you care or not. To me, being too busy is never an excuse.

Cos I know no matter how busy most of us are, we still can't resist the urge of having a quick glance at our phones for a split second at least.

To us, even a white lie is a lie. Unless if we're asking you if we look fat or not. :D


When you offer or suggest something, we will raise our expectations.

If you promised us to do something, do it. If you can't, then don't give us your word! Simple. I never ever agreed on some stupid quote that says "Promises are meant to be broken." Which idiot came up with this "witty" phrase?

I mean c'mon, I don't know what society thinks about this but I personally feel that if we gave someone our word, we're kinda like obliged to honor to it.

It's like if you promised to call her, call her. If you promised her you'd change, change. Don't ever tell us "Sorry, I promise there will not be a second time." then screw it up all over again. Second chances don't come knocking at your door all the time.

If you're uncertain about taking up that responsibility, then you should never give us your promise.


We also hate it when "personal space" becomes another crap excuse.

We're human too, of course we all need our own personal spaces as well. But if we were to say that you're neglecting us, we definitely have a reason to it.

When your games/soccer matches become more important than us. Not all girls are that unreasonable to give some preposterous demands by asking you to talk to her 24/7 and won't even let go of you for that hour or so to do your own things. (excluding those overly-obsessive, mentally ill and deranged girlfriends.)

But we just dislike it when you take hours and hours to reply our texts. Just so you know, sometimes we really wait by our phones for your texts and the process of waiting is definitely a killer.

It's either you tell her you're busy and get back to her, or tolerate her rants when she gets mad. Your call.

Don't be a joker and tell us "Nope I'm not busy." when she asks if you if are, and then you take at least 15 minutes to reply every of her texts. That's just suicidal.

b) Bros before hoes.

I always felt that this is an overstatement. How bro codes these days come up with things like, "Brothers must always come first." WHAT THE HELL WENT THRU YOUR MIND BRO.

We're okay if you manage your time well and treat us of the same level of importance, but what vacuous logic is that, that we should be placed after you?!

Why so selfish?


Sometimes, when girls ask for you opinion we genuinely wish for one.

Example 1:
"Babe, where do you wanna go today?"

Example 2:
"Do I look good in this outfit?"

Example 3:
"Do you want to ____?"

Please do not go like...

"Up to you." "I don't know." "Anything." all the time!

I mean yes, I know it's good to be easy going and undemanding, but it gets a bit "tiring" whenever we have to make the decisions every single time.

Girls prefer guys who are really independent and has a mind of their own, being too wishy-washy and indecisive can really make us feel insecure towards the relationship and that's gonna make things really bad.

More over, relationships have always been about two person... Isn't it? So much for respecting one party's decision...


If you're not gonna express to us how you feel bcos you're a self proclaimed *coughs* Man, then simply don't expect us to be understanding.

Just like what you guys love to say, "We can't read minds." We can't either! I don't understand what's the problem of swallowing your pride and telling her how you feel for once if it's able to improve the situation.

Male Chauvinist Pig. (MCP) I understand how guys can have their own pride and all but still, there's always boundary. There's always a time where you should learn to let down your ego and that giving in might salvage everything you're about to lose.

If you're wrong, just apologize.


I don't know what happened to all the "gentleman behavior." It's so close to being extinct. Even though it's already the 21st Century, I still think guys should stick to the old rules.

Like holding a door for a girl, taking the initiative to ask her out on dates, never using vulgarities on her (Which brings us back to point 1), giving her your jacket when she's cold, paying for meals (Not all the time, but at least bother to offer), etc.

Barely any guys even bother with the "ladies first." rule nowadays.

It's like all gone. Sad but true.

And recently? The guy who slapped his girlfriend and made her kneel down in public?

It's so disheartening and upsetting to see how some guys can be so ruthless.


I know how flirting can be mutual and all these days but sometimes we girls take it seriously.

a) Flirting with us.

If you're really planning to make us your girlfriend, we will gladly flirt along. But if you're just flirting for the sake of fun... simply go to the highest level of your house or building now and do a somersault down.... Nah kidding.

Sidetrack: "I love you" is thrown around like nobody's business in this generation. I don't even get what does love mean anymore. It's like just 7 days and I see people telling each other how much they can't live without one another or how deeply in love they are, blablabla. And in another week or so, *checks status* - back to single.

I don't even dare to believe it when a guy tell me that he loves me nowadays. Especially when we barely even know each other. Besides, what's love at this age?

b) Flirting with other girls. DEADLY SIN.

If you're trying to make us jealous... I'm sorry, it's only gonna make us mad and... more mad.

Fact: Majority of us would rather you break up with us, than cheat on us.



Yes, we only believe in what we feel not what we hear. You can tell us how much you've tried, but if we don't feel it, there's no use.

Not being calculative here, but sometimes as much as we care and put in the effort for you, we do expect you to reciprocate. We need to know that we are loved.

Words are cheap, guys.

Lastly I know that NOT all guys are the same, but like what Marilyn Monroe said...

Enjoy the last few days of the holidays! cheers x