Hi guys! Haven't done a blog shop advert for quite awhile now, and today I'll be sharing with you guys my sponsors from Sassy dream again! (Previous blog review)

Denim Bandeau in Crimson red.

Leopard Print Flair Tunic 

For the past few sponsors, I've been really satisfied with the items due to how good the quality of their clothes are and how efficient their service are. (as mentioned previously) 

No doubt, still one of the better blog shops I've engaged with.

Some outfits which you might like!!!

Love the denim shorts which you can easily pair with, with any cropped top, blouse or t-shirt and you're ready to go. 

I've at least like 10 pair of denim shorts in my wardrobe. LOL. Not only are they comfortable, it can be easily matched with as well.

Dresses which you can mix and match with to fit the occasion.

High waisted lovers?

Personally, I really love high waisted bottoms; be it a skirt, shorts or even a pair of jeans.

Cos I'm very short, duh. & I just tend to "feel" like my legs are magically extended in them. HA HA! -_-

Tip of the day which you might already know of: Not recommended for girls who already have like ultra long legs, it won't compliment the upper half of your body. Trust me on this.

Long legs are nice, "disappearing" upper-bodies aren't...

Some really cute bags!!!

You can also check out their new collection which will be up this coming Sunday, on the 24th of June at 12pm as stated below!!!

(sneak preview of the collection.)

Lastly, quote "Naomi28" for free normal postage!

& Like their facebook page!