This Is Crazy.

Hi I'm back my babies! I know, I'm so inconsistent with my blog leaving it to collect dust all the time, I know I know :(

But not to worry, my exams are ending by Friday!!! TGIF TGIF TGIF! Point is, I'll have more time to blog, make new videos and all!!! :D

Anyway, won't write much today! Just pictures spam! Will do a proper post after my papers pinky promise! Smoooches.

So I've been drowning myself with work, work and more work over the past two weeks... I swear I felt like I was living under a rock for a moment because I couldn't go out, and I thought I was pretty outdated about everything happening out there. meh.

Hahaha if you have been with me for a while, you should know I love gummies a lot!!!

So I'm gonna show off my diy cover again (I already did on twitter) Well, one day I was bored and got sick of my old cover so I decided to do one on my own cos the ones outside are really common. Mwahahaha.

If you realize, that stuffed toy's birthplace was at McDonalds. HAHAHA. Yea, I snipped off the hook and cut off the tag.

My mom thinks I'm a potential "Karung guni" cos I have a habit of collecting old stuff if I think it'd be useful in future. Hahaha!

Anyway if you like it and can't do it or just too lazy to do it, I'll be doing a tutorial on how to do one soon and give it away!! Hehe.

P/s I love bunnies. I really LOVE them.

Town... I can't remember when was this, either last week or the week before. With my bbg!

Pwiddy gal. hehe.

So... Introducing two new friends I made at scape. Hahaha. Alex and Sha. I thought Sha (the one in blue) gave me a tiny bit of someone's vibes... Not gonna state who otherwise some people will kill me. LOL. Clue -a celeb-

Miss cruising. Oh damn.

Hahaha trying on outfits tgt at f21.

Omw to meet some film directors... (Secret) Hahaha.

In case you didn't watch the video above, the shirt states "I love british boys" Oh yes I love them and their sexy accent. Ahhhh. Joe brooks, Zayn or Liam maybe? :)

And yes finally... If you have not already seen my Twitter... I went for a new look again! Haha back to bangs. Featuring Jeric Salon like always ;)

And the shirt, though you can't see it properly, it's from Hehe

Responses to it were mutual. But I'm kinda happy with it... Well, if you realize I change my style every year. Firstly bcos I'm very fickle minded, and I don't usually like something for too long... I get sick of things really easily LOL. -bad habit-

Secondly, I thought it's good to change bcos I believe people will get weary of it too!!! HAHAHA. Idk, that's what I think; humans are all like that... No?


Look what I've got here!!! Hahaha, yea I'm gonna be doing an eye make up tutorial pretty soon as well!

Urghhh this is what I mean when I say I've got loads of things lined up after my exams are over, can't wait :(
 No make up day! To my grandmother's 80th birthday.

And lastly, yesterday!!! Brought my gal to the private movie screening for Avengers! Awesome movie with my lovely friends from Gushcloud too. Hahaha finally met up with them after donkey months.

lol I took this randomly before taking a nap.

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Marc Jacobs' shades daddy bought for me as a reward for acing my sciences. Feel so loved.

Alright will be back for more the next round! Adverts, tutorials and GIVEAWAYS! Remember to stay tuned and pay attention to my twitter for more updates! Mwaahhhh.

You gotta love this song like how it's stuck in my head. ciaoooo.