So I took my first visit to Blogshopping @ FEP last Friday! I promise you guys you'll not regret making a trip there... Even for the fact that I stay in the East, I actually travelled all the way down to take a look!!!

Basically, Blogshopping is a store which comprises 11 various blogshops/online stores! 

Expect weekly /new arrivals consisting of 200 pieces from all your favourite blogshops! Pre launch and exclusive items from their vendors.

Located at Far East Plaza Level 1 #01-34 and Jem #04-07

As you can see, not only do they sell really pretty apparels... They've other stuff like bags and shoes as well!

So this is definitely a good opportunity for those of you who really enjoy shopping online, but have troubles coming to a decision on whether to buy or not because of the sizes and stuff.

Apparently you've no excuse not to spend your $$$ now that Blogshopping provides you with this service! Haha, cos there's even like changing room for you to try on your stuff to see if it fits you or not as well.

Guess now you can stop fretting on things like, "Later the material kanasai how?!" "If the outfit too big/small, I cannot wear how?!" "If the colour not the same as the picture how?!" If this and that....

Anyway I was rushing off that day so I didn't manage to try on the outfits!!! But I did have a good look of most of the items and I must say, BS definitely features the more "atas" blogshops... 

Like in terms of quality and all, it's wayyyy better than some of those online.

Know what's the best advantage?! There are plenty of styles for you to choose from!!!! From casual, to sweet, to formal~ Mix and match for all you want!

As you know, sometimes when you buy them online, you might have a hard time finding one that suits your style, and what if it doesn't compliment you as much as it compliments the model?! BIG PROBLEM.

Clutches for you maybe? If you're not too much of a bag-kinda-person.

Haiya the bags were so nice I had a hard time picking which I wanted!

Haha see that empty space on the top shelf?! My misdeed. :P Mwahahaha.

Pretty pretty shoes!!! :) Anyway the mod wedge in black, lying next to the red was the one I picked! Featuring TheWhatIsDope... Yea I know you can't really see it, will show it to you all some other day!!! 

Love the bags from this section the most!!!

1. TheWhatIsDope

New Collection Every Monday/Tuesday.

Items: A.Wang Inspired Duo Zip Bag, Mod Wedge

2. AshInCans

Studded Shorts

Parental Guidance Tank

3. GoneLikeMagic

Highwaist Denim Shorts With Zip

4. Rosearrk
5. Ohsummer
6. Buttered Gun
7. Wondersellar
8. The Last Bus Ride
9. Miss Monday 2007
10. Her Walkin Closet
11. Chersamme

To round it off with a good news, Blogshopping has their very own membership card program now! 

Sign up at only $10 for 1 year, and get 10% off your 1st purchase, 5% all year round and 10% off your entire birthday month.

Assuming if a piece of outfit is 30, you'll only spend $27 the first found and save $3. But the subsequent 3-4 visits, you can easily get back your $10 which you spent on the card! Worth it right?!

With tidily arranged clothes fitted into these shelfs, which brings you convenience while browsing thru, and really nice shop assistants to lend you a helping hand... I guess you'd definitely love this place ok!

Such good services provided = Walk out smiling!!! :D Hahaha at least I did. lol.

Just in case you didn't catch what I previously mentioned, there are two outlets:

Far East Plaza Level 1 #01-34 and Jem #04-07 respectively! 
Have a fun trip ;)