Give us some credit.

People always have something to say, it's like whether you do something right or wrong you can't avoid being judged. They expect you to be perfect, they expect you to be nice all the time. But think about it yourself, do you think you're capable of being flawless?

"Make love, not war."

Personally I always felt that this simple line can make a whole wide difference to the world if everyone are able to preach it. Well, I don't know if you guys realize this... But it's becoming quite an annoyance to me since lately on how easily things can go all viral online.

Indeed having social sites like Twitter, Facebook and all really helped many of us to catch up with each other, stay connected blablabla. but.....

Don't worry I'm not gonna conduct a lesson here on globalization, just read on. LOL.

Is it only me or the internet is really causing a lot of shit to our daily lives?

Nah neither is this entry gonna be talking about people being judgmental and all again. LOL, I ran out of words to talk about it. Cos humans are all wired in a way that we judge every single day.

To continue from where I stopped above... I mean yea, it's not like without the internet everyone's gonna be refrained from judging, but what bugs me most is being judged and hated for the stupidest things.

It's like, people can easily hate on you just bcos of things you post online. Be it a tweet, a vlog, a blog entry, a picture so on and so forth.

I bet someone out there, reading this half way must already be having a thought, somewhat like "This bitch is bullshitting again." and might have closed my page by now.


Forget about that, now comes the part that links back to the title of this entry. I often come across truck loads of tweets on random strangers (Notice why I used the term strangers) going like "Why the f*ck are people like Deekosh, Naomi Neo, Noah Yap etc getting so much attention, why do they get so many special deals when they are just normal human like us?"

Ok before I kick off, I just wanna emphasize that I'm not trying to offend anyone, and if you're offended I'm sorry in advance.

I just get really fed up when I see tweets like that.

Yes, I do agree we are all normal human beings and I do believe in equality. I get where some of you are coming from, like "All of us are the same, what makes them so special?"

 But c'mon people, all of us bloggers, vloggers etc PUT IN A LOT OF EFFORT before we got to where we are today. If you think it's unfair for you, then I think it's really undeserving when some of you get all agitated on why the hell we are "specially treated." 

Most of the bloggers/vloggers who I know of are still studying, yet we fork out the time and effort to write posts and make videos to "entertain" you all, (If you're not entertained by me, then... too bad. -_-) 

I'm not trying to act like a big shot here or in any way bring out anything such as popularity and shit, nothing related to that. It's just that I feel we should be....


We don't just get sponsors and stuff for nothing. Especially bloggers. To name some, maybe like Xiaxue, Ohsofickle, Bongqiuqiu, Pxdkitty, Speishi, Marxmae, Prettyfrowns....

Despite how we're already struggling with work or school, we still have to fret on things like; what to write for our next blog entry, what can we do to make you guys happy and all... I can bravely say most of us are pretty conscientious when it comes to our work.

 Nooooo, not as if I'm making it sound like it's a chore to blog, I would say it's a labour of love. But don't you think we should be acknowledged for our endeavor?

It's really disheartening to see how some of you make us sound as though we're not even a penny-worth; like we got all these overnight without working for it. It's like working so hard for everything and no one even recognizes your effort at all.

I started blogging like some any other teen out there since 2009, and got a little more serious about my "job" some time last year. I've been sharing things based on my experiences on Twitter, Facebook and my blog of course. 

And if you're wondering why, it started off simply bcos I wanted people to be able to relate, I genuinely wish that I could share my experiences and advices to people out there who needs it. Of course as time passed, I wouldn't deny it's partially due to attention as well.

But isn't that the main goal for every blogger I suppose? To achieve attention? That's how we earn a living in a way isn't it? If we don't get attention how are gonna survive in the blogsphere?

If you're gonna say that I don't even update my blog really often, at least I take the effort to constantly update my Fb and Twitter right?

& Hey, just cos I get a little more likes for my pictures on Facebook than some people, it doesn't mean that I gained all these just due to my appearance alone. In fact, I'm not even close to gorgeous, I feel really typical. (I know you're gonna judge again...)

Whatever. No one said common-looking girls can't camwhore right? That's just being utterly ridiculous, still wondering who came out with this logic whereby one must think that they are good-looking otherwise they can't take loads of pictures. -_-

FYI, I didn't started on Facebook posting just pictures of myself.

And look at the likes back then, what? Less than a 100 dude. Open your eyes wideeeeeee.

So after typing so much crap, I just want you guys to know that, there can be a million good looking people out there, but it doesn't mean that appearance is everything. 

& For god's sake, don't rake up the part on models. Even so, money don't just come to them as easy as you think, they've to pose for hours in all kinds of weather... And if you watch American next top models etc, they've to go thru a lot of hell training to attain those results.

Just because it seems like what we did is effortless, it doesn't mean we really didn't go through any hardships.

I'm definitely aware of people who got popular just based on their looks and done completely nothing to deserve such attention from the crowd, but then again, who are you to judge?

 Do you honestly think looks last forever? Why not just let them be? People don't just put themselves out there on the internet and expect themselves to get the attention that they yearn for. They didn't choose to be known, YOU made them known.

And if you talk about them being treated x123456789 times better than you, why not think that they also get x123456789 more hate than you do?

Furthermore, think about it, isn't it exactly the point? Since we're humans too, why do you people always expect us to be perfect? Small little faults and we get hell from you all.

I'm not saying that we lead a difficult life, but if you think that being us is easy, I hope you think twice about it; including the fact that you really have no idea how much pain and stress we've to undergo as well.

It's just like a simple example of a sweet, loving couple, do you think they build such a good relation in a day? Just bcos they look flawless, it doesn't prove that they don't fight and quarrel behind the scene. Quit assuming.

As a matter of fact, there's no such a thing as perfection. Everyone has their own story behind their smiles that you may never know of. Just bcos they don't wear their heart on their sleeve, it doesn't mean that they don't go through as much shit as you do.

Moreover, I don't see why we should get hated just bcos we're achieving something you don't, it's not like we control what people think and how they feel right?

Lastly, to conclude this post, everyone's different. There's no point in comparing who's better and who's not. I know some of you really put in a lot of effort too, yet no one recognizes it at the moment... But who says it won't in future?

We don't get what we want all the time, and trust me, fame isn't everything.

Unfortunately, this world is unfair and if I had a choice I would have taken an easier way out. Even if it's hard to swallow, you just have to deal with it.