Everyday Make Up

Hey girls!!!! I'm finally up with a make up tutorial. Supa amateur, so pardon that bad quality. :(

As mentioned in the video, I don't put on any face make up unless I'm attending a photoshoot or event and have to take loads of pictures... 

Unfortunately, naturally good looking girls, won't look good under the flash most of the time. Cos that's when your dark eye circles and all will be shown clearly! -_- 

Nevertheless, if you've never started applying make up DONT' START! I mean, if you look good naturally then don't bother la. Natural beauty's still definitely the best. 

Apparently I think I look like a zombie-like potato face and got too addicted after using make up for a while. Bad habit that's really hard to kick off.

On a brighter note, most of my items are all easily attainable because you see them everywhere and it's supa cheap. I'm not really anal about the make up products I use... And I can't be bothered with brushes!!!

Too troublesome. I can already take up to an hour if I take my time to do my make up at a snail's pace. So... HAHAHA.

I've been using this eyeshadow for quite a while now and I really like it a lot!!!! Got it from M'sia..... I'm not sure if they still have it in stores (Shit I just contradicted myself from what I said above...)

It's around RM 20 cos I was cheapskate and got it from a warehouse sale. Hahaha.

You can read up more on its review here:

Honest opinion on this eyeliner... Wouldn't consider using it other than to redefine my eyelids!!! Cos it's pretty hard to draw on... But to give it some credit, it doesn't smudge ;)

I would say this gel pencil eyeliner is really good because it's just way tooooooo easy to use. But I've really watery eyes, so it's not a good idea if you have them too... Cos it isn't water proof!!!! 

And if I use it to line my waterline... I've to constantly touch up on it and wipe of the stains, otherwise I've to bear the repercussions of looking like a panda at the end of the day.

Best liquid eyeliner I have so far! I'll usually use this if I'm applying eyeliner. My gf got it from Korea and it was cheaper.

 It's waterproof, long-lasting, it dries up quickly and has a really smooth texture. Yet the best part is, it can be cleaned off easily.

I think it's around 12000 won inclusive of shipping fee which is about SGD$15. I'm not really sure how much is it in stores though... 

I've quite a number of mascaras, e.g Estee Lauder, Anna sui, Elianto and some other Japanese brands... But I'll usually go Maybelline's cos it seriously does lengthens your eyelash if that's what you're hoping to achieve.

This mascara below is by far one of the best which really boosts the length and thickness!!! Plus it doesn't smudge. 

Check out some of the reviews I found online if you're skeptical about what I've said and you'll know I'm not lying.

 Anyway I was quite lazy, as usual... Otherwise I'd really suggest that you should use an eyelash primer before you apply your mascara, which:

- Care mascara
- Makes lashes silkier
- Strengthens lashes
- Improves lash resistance
- Prevents lashes becoming brittle

For my bottom lash, I usually prefer to use the hello kitty cat eye volume express mascara!

Not only does it have a comb applicator which is different from many mascaras you usually see, it's also built in a curved doubled sided comb instead of the normal mini comb. 

Which works well for my bottom lash because I want every single lash to receive equal amount of mascara!! :)

However, I wouldn't use this for my upper lash as it doesn't really help to build up volume other than lengthening it...
Got this as a gift and if I'm not wrong it's around SGD$25 in stores! You can find cheaper ones online on eBay hahaha, just saying.

 Lastly, my hello kitty tinted lip balm... I. love. this. beyond. words.

It's just so good, first it's tinted - so it's not as "heavy" compared to lipsticks and it functions the same as normal lip balms which leaves a soft touch to your lips completing your look. 

You can use it on days where you find your lips cracking or looking really pale...

Oh and it smells good too. HAHAHA. Mine's the strawberry one.
Got this as a gift as well. Guess it's around $13-$15. 

Personally, I'm quite a hardcore user of Etude house products cos my aunt's always buying them for me. & If you're wondering, I actually use the Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit and Nymph Aura Volumer when I put on face make up.

+ most of my masks and eye masks are from etude house too! Hehe.

As for skin care, I'd do a separate entry another time!!!

Alright, that concludes today's post! Hope you guys learned something! -kisses-