The Thing(s) About Girls

Yes, here's the irony... I'm certainly aware that I'm a girl myself.

I'm just voicing my thoughts out based on what I observe from MOST (not all) girls, which includes myself.

Despite being a girl, I really hate how we behave and deal with particular things at times. As we all know, guys and girls are wired differently. Instead of pointing out the flaws that we have to the guys out there... I believe you're expecting me to be listing the million and one reasons to side my own sex.

But nah, I'm tired of listening to the excuses we intentionally make sometimes just to get away with things.


C'mon face it, we all know how annoying girls can get when it comes to contradictory. It's like we tend to "eat" our words; The thoughts in our mind and the things we say, most of the time, do not complement each other. For instance...

Scenario 1:

 When your boyfriend asks if he could hang out with his friends and not accompany you today:
Response: "Nahhhh, it's okay. I can do fine without you babe. REALLY. Just go ahead."
In reality: *Hoping he'd change his mind.* 

And when he carries out his plans with his friends and left you alone:

When he texts you:
*I'm gonna give him one-word replies cos I'm mad at him for leaving me alone!!!*

Yet when he asks you what's wrong and if you were okay:
*Nothing, nothing's wrong. Yea, I'm okay."

And if he doesn't get your intended message/hint:

As contradicting as it is.... It's like....

Isn't this situation familiar to some of you? Bet you can relate to it bcos it happens ALL THE TIME. 

Standing in a girl's position, I swear I hate it when guys don't get our hints. 

However, if I stand in a guy's position, do you know how tough it is to guess how a girl feels every single time? Like I mentioned, we're wired discretely. We can't always expect guys to understand how we feel if we're not gonna be frank and direct about our thoughts inside.

I'm just waiting and hoping that you could give me the slightest hint about how you feel towards me. I'm really tired of guessing.

Scenario 2 :

Telling him to leave you alone.

Reality: You really want him to be there by your side.

And when he really leaves:

As much as we hate to guess what the hell is going through a guy's mind, guys hate it too. Majority will just accept what's given bcos they are not as intuitional as girls. They DO NOT over think and are not as sensitive as we are.

ACCEPT THE FACT THAT, they are built this way. As simple as it may sound, you have to fight for the things you want.

 I've learned that, if you're just gonna stand there and wait for him to comprehend what's inside of you, you can dream on about attaining your happiness.

Of course, as a girl I know how reserved we are, and how we don't have as much guts as guys to air our thoughts... In fear of rejection. 



One minute, she's happy and the next thing you know, she's close to tears. WHAT'S WRONG WITH GIRLS?! I bet this sentence hits every guy's mind.

I don't know, it's not always PMS (Pre-Menstrual Symptoms) that's acting up, but girls can get all emotional for nothing. Just like the weather, sometimes there are simply no signs to it.

One moment, she's head over heels for you, and next, you've not a single clue how she feels about you and acts really indifferent towards you.

Or they just change their minds like the speed of wind.

Well, I feel this way as well bcos sometimes it's frustrating to tolerate my girlfriends' or mom's temper too...


Girls that have been dumped before... Do you constantly find yourself classifying all the guys under the "jerks" or "douche bags" category just bcos of that one or handful that hurt you? 

Comments like, "Oh c'mon, all guys are the same." "What's new? He's just another jerk." are really unjustified.

I admit, sometimes guys DO change from the period when they are courting you till it develops into a relationship. But girls you can't be prejudicial to all the guys out there and have the mindset that "ALL GUYS ARE THE SAME." just bcos of that asshole who let you down.

I know how it feels like to be toyed and all, been there done that. But that doesn't give you the rights to generalize this issue based on one incident!!! Wayyyy to unfair for the guys isn't it?

Think about it if you're in their position; If a guy is gonna have that mindset that you're just like one of those girls out there just bcos of someone's mistake, NOT YOURS.


Realize how some girls always have 123456789987654321 things they expect from a guy? 

"NOOOOO, my expectations are NOT really high..."
I just want a rich, macho (but he mustn't win me in a wrestling game), smart (can't outwit me), as handsome as  Max Irons, as sexy as Robert Pattinson, as hot as Zac Efron, as cute as Zayn Malik, but can't be too good looking in case he attracts too much attention, he mustn't smoke, mustn't drink, he has to treat me like his princess, so on and so forth...

As much as I wish there were such guys alive...
Or, are maybe taken by a female dinosaur.

Guys are humans too, please don't expect them to be perfect. Buy a Ken doll if you're thaaat obsessed over perfection.

Expectations like expecting guys to make the first move all the time may contribute to the level of annoyance as well.

Like how you want him to call/text you, ask you out on dates FIRST. C'mon ladies, there are times where you need to learn that you can't have everything your way and for relationships to work out, both parties should put in the equal amount of effort.

Of course, I still stand my ground that guys SHOULD make the first move when it comes to exceptions like, if you're courting a girl etc.


NOTE: This point doesn't only goes out to the males out there!!!

Finally, the part that I'd love to rant most about. I don't know why, but girls always have this tendency of thinking wayyyyy toooooo much. It's like, actually there's nothing... But we think so much until the point where we get ourselves upset... Over NOTHING, yes I mean N.O.T.H.I.N.G

Scenario 5 :

Your boyfriend told you that he's gonna be returning home late and might not be able to reply to your texts on time because he'll be busy.

Some girls will start getting all paranoid and skeptical... 
Why hasn't he gone home yet? Is he out with girls? Could he be lying to me?

Decides to send him a text to check on him....
"Hey baby, where are you? Are you going home soon?"

*5 minutes later*
Why hasn't he replied? It has been sooooo LONG since I texted him. Is he fooling around outside?? or... OMG, IS HE IGNORING ME?!

FYL really. Girls like this should just stay the f*ck single. Why? IF THERE IS NO TRUST, FORGET ABOUT GETTING INTO A RELATIONSHIP! A guy needs no second mom!!!

Besides that....

Jealousy towards any other things!!! I hate how girls get jealous over the tiniest things. Yes, I hate how I do too.

Jealous over the girl who speaks to your crush, jealous over the girl who looks prettier than you do, jealous over your ex boyfriend's new date. Jealous over the girl with more vagina hair. Ok kidding.

But seriously, stop getting jealous over stupid things!!!! Even if you're jealous, you don't do things to harm the other party, get it?

Realize how much drama can be caused out of simple jealousy?

Example 1) I like him, he likes her so... FUCK THAT SLUT.

Calling people a slut just because your crush doesn't like you?! Get over yourself!

Example 2) She is much more capable than me... I CAN'T TAKE IT. SO I'M GONNA BITCH ABOUT HER!!!

So girls, if you happen to fall into these categories, snap out of it quick before it's too late. Everything takes two hands to clap, yes, including a relationship. Sometimes we tend to push all the blame to our boyfriends, raging about how they just don't ever understand us, or they just don't ever try.

Honestly, if you take a step back now and look at the picture again, you might not see/ feel/ think the same anymore. Let's all learn how to be a better girlfriend, and not be a scumbag girlfriend anymore!