Jeric Salon

Hello! How have you guys been? Sorry for the lack of updates, have been really busy preparing for my upcoming tests and all. I know I've been tweeting relatively lesser than the past as well. Apologies for that!

Anyway, for those of you who aren't aware... Yes, I had my hair cut!!!! FINALLY RIGHT. Since young, I've been really anal about my hair cos I always felt that it plays a part in one's appearance. 

Unfortunately, I'm not one of those lucky, goddess-looking bitches that are born to look as gorgeous as hell. And despite what hairstyle they have, even if they shave it bald... They still look good!!!!! *Frustrated*

Personally, I feel that I can only pull of long hair and short hair has never been my cup of tea... I think I'll look like a pumpkin with a mop on top.

And in order to leave it to its longest, I always didn't bear to have it trimmed, not even an inch even though the ends were splitting like grass roots....

Back to the main point. Recently I've just got sponsored to this really popular salon across asia which some of you might already know of! Yea, Jeric Salon.


So I finally braced up and decided to cut my one-year-untouched hair. :( I was really frighten initially... Feared that it might be too short, that it might take really long to get back to its same length... Afraid that no one and including myself, WILL LIKE IT!!!

Nevertheless, guess what?! The results were awesome! Yea, it took me awhile to get comfortable with it, but I'm happy and the responses I received were good! Unexpectedly.

Made my way down with Louis to get it cut the first round! With the help of the bossssss, Jeric... D-uh. HAHAHA. He was really nice! And trust me, hand your hair to them and I assure you that you'll leave with no regrets....

A little background info about Jeric.

Anyway, I just told him exactly what I wanted and.... TADA he had it done!

So here are some pictures of the end-results! :)

I felt very insecure about my hair and I wasn't used to the fact that my curls were all snapped off... 

So I made a second trip down after a week to get it permed again :)

You know what I love most?! The free drinks that are given to every single customer! Free of charge + Free flow!!! Ok ignore my mineral water, I didn't want soft drinks...

Here's the menu! Pretty good service isn't it? *kudos*

This was how my hair looked before I got it permed!

This is actually the room where you get your hair washed! It's name as the Shampoo spa. The carefully designed walls are specially drawn to give you a better sensation while doing your hair wash/head massage.

I know I'm weird, but I don't really like massages... But the head massage that they provide while shampooing your hair was damn good lah... 

You can literally be immersed into the whole ambience and fall asleep. 

But apparently the duration wasn't long enough for me to sleep....... -_-

Doing my digital perm!!! I'm sorry I didn't take many pictures of the entire process cos I felt that I looked really stupid/fugly with those tools on my head. LOL.

Spot Darren at the back... The one that's sponsoring me with all these good deals. Hehe.

Getting it blown dry with the hairdryer which is specially made for permed/curly hair!

This is Kai!!! He's the senior hairstylist of the salon and he had my curls done for me in two hours!

I REALLY LOVE IT!!!!!! I thought it looked great, to me. HAHAHA.

Trust me, you can easily attain ANY desired hairstyles of your choice! I swear. I thought it was impossible, but they proved me wrong...

Interested in getting your hair done as well?! Make your visit to one of their outlets!! They recently opened a new outlet at JCUBE... The new shopping mall that everyone's talking about.

Visit their webpage for more info!


Anyway not forgetting the good deals!
Mention "Naomi Neo" + "Darren Sim" to get 20% off your haircut etc. plus....

A free shampoo!!! :D

Nope, that's not the end... There will be a free 25 dollar voucher to be given away to two special winners!!


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So yes that's the end! Till the next time! :)