What more can I say about them? One word, uniqueness!

So recently, there are not many outfits online that captivates my attention because everything I see on one blog shop, is seen on another!

And like I've mentioned previously, I really hate it when all the blogshops are selling the same things... But chins up and don't fret, because I'm about to introduce this really awesome online store to you guys!

As you can see, they have inspired branded apparels... WHOOOOO!!!

I get really frustrated whenever I happen to pick up a really gorgeous outfit... Look at the price... And have to place it back onto the rack! And then walk away with the "wasted" feeling.

But... What's there to worry now when there's inspired outfits?! 

I mean, it's just the brand. If it's nice, it's nice! Who cares whether it's genuine or inspired! Moreover, most brands are only labelled on the tag itself, which is underneath your clothes! C'MON, WHO BOTHERS TO LOOK AT IT?!

Nolipservices also brings in clothes which are only available in their store! In other words = Lesser chance of bumping into someone on the streets in the same outfit... LOL.

I really love these clothes that I picked to display here!!!! Do spare some time to browse through, I assure you that you won't find it a waste of time ok!!!!! 

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*Valid til 20th April only* 

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