Sometimes, I get really bored seeing the same old stuff on blog shops all the time! Don't you? I've been fretting that I'll go out looking like any typical girl out there, in the same kinda outfit!

And for those who don't know, I'm really anal about dressing the same as someone that I happen to bump to, in the streets. Yea, I can just dump that shirt aside after that...

DON'T YOU HATE IT?! I BET YOU DO. It's god damn embarrassing lah.... Especially if you guys happen to exchange glances with each other. And you're like, "FUUUU, my clothes!" It's worst if their age don't really compliment the item... If you get what I mean. (Like, it was an auntie carrying the same bag as you etc) FYL.

So sometime ago I happen to come across this really awesome webstore!!! 
And I'm madly in love with it...

Dayummmmm, I love the way they have their pictures taken! It's really cute... I mean, besides having really purdy models to flatter their outfits, you'd really love to see some new refreshing pictures, and not like any other right?!

Ahhh I just love their items! Definitely gonna have a hard time choosing what you love most! OR MAYBE YOU CAN'T. Everything's way too appealing.....

So it kinda makes me happy while I'm choosing my items.

The way they take their pictures are supa professional. Hahahaha! Like for some magazines.

Right, so do spare some time to take a look at this really awesome blog shop!!! They have like the prettiest accessories + shoes + fake collars + bags + apparels ever. Love their shades too!!! I mean be honest with yourself! How many online stores actually sell everything together? 

Best Deals?!

I really love receiving my items in smart pacs! Because it's supaaa fast and everything's packed neatly inside!

To add on to that...

Receive $2 OFF each purchase!!!
The discount code for your readers is: NAOMITWO
 Expires on 1st May 2012.

Nothing beats having discounts when it comes to some hardcore shopping spree!!!! HEHE. & Trust me, they are really efficient in handling their buyers!!