Hey guys! Well yea, I know I've did reviews/adverts for quite a number of different blog shops before and most of them are really good. Nonetheless, I'm still gonna compliment how awesome is!!! 

Sometimes, I just hate it when you've to wait superrrrrrrr long for your items to arrive, and sometimes those items don't even turn out to be like what you've expected. It's like their pictures online are so hell deceiving! That "cheated" feeling. Urgh.

Besides, it may not flatter you as much as you thought!!! Lousy quality, different colours, doesn't fit you as well... And all those shitty things start to appear after you unwrap the parcel, in anticipation for days, that it might be so good that you can wear it out on a special date... And results = NO WAY I'M EVER STEPPING OUT OF THE HOUSE IN THIS!!!

Well then you can probably wipe off those horrifying moments and put your mind at ease! I just love the items I received from sassydreams In fact, I'm so satisfied with it! KUDOS! Definitely, there are other blog shops out there that deserves some credit too... But you'll not regret investing your $$$ in their unique collections!

Here are some of the items I recommend!!! Will wear on mine and show you guys the pictures on my next entry! :)

Not forgetting that they sell bags too!!! What's best is they can actually fit A4 sized! So girls who loves going on study dates, you can forget about troubling how fugly you look with your school bag on, on weekends!

Log on now and...
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