Kiss The Stars.

If you don't want me now, don't come back for me later when I'm over you.

Have you ever had this killing urge to give someone a text or call? Someone who suddenly drifted apart from you and ended up walking out of your life without a word? Someone that really means so much to you?

I really hate it when they leave you in silence, keeping you hanging with full of never-ending "Why(s)" and a ghastly feeling... Numb, no tears.

Especially when you realize how they are able to move on effortlessly after all those memories you guys formed. Soon reality just hits you so hard *BAM* "Wake up, he/she's gone and will never return." 

Sometimes it's so much better to be hurt right in the face with the most awful truth than to carry on living with a lie/a ray of false hope. If you ever faced it, it really sucks... Right?

If I ever wanna leave, can you promise me you'd still try to hold me back no matter what?

What's worst when you're forced to face the ugly truth that, no matter how badly affected you are, despite how hard you try to get their attention on you again... They'd never ever take a look back; not a single glance. 

To me, I think what really pains most is knowing that they will never feel the same towards you.

Yea, it's true that I won't die without you. I'm just saying with you around, my life would be so much better.

I mean isn't it tough? Tough that you've to swallow back your tears, flash a fake smile and act like you're really doing fine without them, when it actually feels like there's a blade penetrating right into your heart each time?

It's funny how we can easily blabber things like, "It's so easy! Just move on." "Oh c'mon, time will heal all wounds." "Why are you acting like there's no other guy/girl in this world anymore?" But when it strikes you; and you're facing it yourself... You can NEVER do it. 

Love is never gonna be easy, there bound to be heartbreaks. At the end of the day, the one who loves the most will always end up hurting. It's like the game whereby "Who gets attached first, loses."

After all it's all about taking risks; Either in exchange for a lifetime of happiness or an eternal scar.

Wipe off your tears girl, he's not worth it. Save it for the right guy, who will only make you shed tears of happiness.

Went on a date with my darlings to town on Friday. Had so much fun catching up after a long time. It's awesome how we have so little time for each other, but we still manage to maintain this friendship till today.

Finally had the chance to check my Olympus baby :( And the guy told me my lenses were damaged! Yea, my butter fingers slipped the freakin camera off and it dropped on the floor. 

I've totally no idea what on earth is this or who took this.... But I thought it looked pretty artsy. HAHA!

Grabbed from Ps's blog.

Sounds really lifeless... But I went to town on Sat again. HAHA! Freda (My "manager" or friend) brought me for some dessert!!!! Cos I was freakin depressed. Not gonna elaborate on why I was.

It's so yummy!!! Must try!!! @ Ion. Ok dammit, I forgot what's the name of the restaurant. fml. But I know it's on the third lvl! It's some open-spaced cafe or something that serves mainly western/french cuisine I think!!!!! Didn't really took the effort to examine the entire menu. Hehe. 

I was all out for the food, so much that I don't even remember what I ordered... Scatterbrained.

So we went to visit the Noise staffs. And get ourselves the tote to DIY!

Was not really in the artistic-mood that day. Lost of inspiration. So my bag turned out looking like crap. Too disgraced to show it! HAHA.

Cracking my brain on what to draw...

This is Eunice's, so pretty isn't it!!! Hehe.

And Freda's! Ahhhh love it!

Headed to cine to find my bestie and to play a few rounds of pool. Great, I think my pool skills improved.  *Shows off*

Anyway I got the bottom from Topshop and top from MNG (I cropped it). 

Ending off with my four different hairstyles! Till the next time! :)