Just Yet Another Beautiful Tale.

We can never entirely forget someone who once meant the world to us and the memories they leave behind. We can only move on.


Some random thoughts for today...

It's just so painful and disheartening when you realize how superficial people are and pretentious they can be. As I grow up, it starts to come to my knowledge that everyone will definitely have another side to them; even your closest friends. 

Your first impression of someone can change drastically within weeks, after you get to know them inside out or at least... A litte more beneath what appears to be like on the surface.  

Be it from good, to bad or bad, to good... In other words, most of us tend to put up a false front and conceal our true colours only until we feel comfortable with someone... Or probably when we can no longer keep up the masquerade. 

Examples would be like:
1) We are pretty sure that they won't judge us.
2) They make us feel at ease; No awkward tensions or sort anymore.
3) Or we're just simply tired of pretending to be someone we're not and wish to quit the pretense.

These days, we all easily lose friends. Friends either leave us because they decide to allow their peers' opinions affect their impressions towards us, they start to judge us or maybe they found better companies.

Yea, watching people change, drift apart from you and watching them have you replaced, sucks. Especially if it's someone who means the world to you. 

It's just so difficult to find friends that will judge only after they hear both sides to a story. Most would just end up taking sides listening to one. (Which might not be true.) 

Shit is, calling themselves "friends" and yet simply allowing rumours to affect their pov(s) towards you, really? You really think those are true friends?

True friends are hard to find and as you grow older, you'd start to perceive the fact that it's way better to have a few true friends than a whole bunch of friends who you can hardly trust. 

Don't be skeptical about everything and everyone but, trust no one. Because what someone promise you today, might not be something that they'll keep to, tomorrow.

Everyone wants attention. Admit it. It's just who you want it from and how much you want it, that's all.

So well, been a really hectic week for me I suppose. Crap load of shit took place and as usual, I'd be spending every second of my time dwelling on those stuff. But yea, I guess I'm doing fine now cos I'm starting to divert most of my attention towards people who really cares a lot for me.

Sometimes I just feel really fortunate to meet my classmates, I mean they are just way too supportive; of course, not forgetting my online friends and all! Furthermore, I really don't wanna disappoint you guys.

Anyway as usual, headed to town last Fri and Sat... Fri with my gf and hmm... Half my Sat was spent with my two awesome friends, who both accompanied me to get my new board (pictures below) and to do the Cinnamon challenge! Hehehe, I'm mad in love with my new cruiser btw. 

OK OK, I KNOW I KNOW, not long ago I just got my penny... but I don't really like it... And for those who don't know me, I'm super fickle minded! So I sold it and got down to get my new one like right away! Hahaha! Madness.

Met up with Freda, Tammy and Mae in the evening for dinner!!!! Don't have any nice pictures though... Can't deny, I enjoyed every bit of it!!! Awesome time spent.

As for today, I'd blog about it some other time! Check out my cover with my two amazing buddies in class that we did this afternoon though! =)

Shoutout to http://thpaperplane.blogspot.com/ for sponsoring me the high waisted shorts!!! LOVE IT!

Really purdy top by thepaperplane as well!

Dress by ashincans.livejournal.com Can't freakin describe how much I love this!

And not forgetting sassydream.blogspot.com

The mini fringe bag is mad cute!!!! 
And lastly dirtybling.livejournal.com my all time fav 

Random date with my gal to Starbucks on Sun! I just adore her soooo much, 4 years of friendship. (She'll probably go like AWWWWW when she sees this. And if I say "I KNOW I'M SWEET." She'd just respond, "Er, OK LA." LOL....) I've no idea why am I telling you guys this! Ahhh. Forgive me. Hahahaha!

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Listen to this if you've not! It's beautiful.