What Have I Done?

Today I'd probably bore the hell out of some of you who HATES my lengthy posts...

Yea, from the picture above, that's basically what I'm gonna do. Give my haters the attention they've been yearning.

Pity these girls, failed to get my attention on Twitter... So I thought they might be overwhelmed with joy if it comes to their knowledge that I actually dedicated a post to them instead. 

So about two weeks back, after since I put up my "Rants about twitter" video on youtube, I sorta gained x10 the amount of haters I use to have.

Simply because...
1) My "fake" accent/american wannabe.
2) I acted like a f*cking bitch.
3) I'm trying to seek "attention."

That's what I assume, correct me if I'm wrong.

Fake accent: You know, the irony is that, 3/4 of the people who were whining on how fake my accent was, and all... Have never even spoken to me before nor are they even related to me in any way.

Fake ACCENT, AMERICAN wannabe? I think I had a pretty hard time trying to gasp for air while laughing my ass off. 

Are you telling me that, you're gonna step into the examination hall, during an oral exam... Speaking the way you usually do in daily conversations? 

"Walau eh, cher this picture damn cute leh, so difficult to explain one... But never mind la, I try ah."

My friends who knows me well enough, are clearly aware that I tend to switch my tone whenever I'm in some serious situation. I'm NOT faking an accent. I just use different tones in different occasions.

Secondly, do you even know how an American sound like? Cos if you felt that I was trying to slang like one, I beg to differ. Don't wanna bring down their names, because my "attempt" to it was definitely horrendous. :(

Being a total bitch: I didn't know that, by standing up for myself (after being accused) was being bitchy. People went like "Don't call others a bitch when they didn't call you one."

WOAH. I had to rub my eyes several times to make sure that my vision was clear. Look, are you really certain about that statement, people? At least when I used the term "bitch", I was just using it generically. No names mentioned. 

I get it almost everyday, with my name mentioned! Look who's talking! I asked myself if I was being really nasty and even consulted a few friends before I got it posted up... How mean was I, compared to those spiteful remarks?

Did you even consider about the wounds inflicted on me? How does it feel like if you were in my shoes, and people are accusing you for something you didn't do? 

Think about it, would you wanna defend yourself too? Or just sit there and watch how they ruin your reputation?

Seeking attention: I get this all the time. I once mentioned this before, but... Just to evoke your memory, I'd be kind enough to repeat this once more.

Yes, I LOVE attention. But tell me, who doesn't? It's just depending on who you want your attention from. Be it your family, friends, the media... Whatsoever.

Yet again, I know my limits to it. My videos were NEVER done to provoke any of you, or was it used as a publicity stunt to gain myself any unwanted fame.


Besides that, there are another group of "haters" who thinks I'm fake, arrogant and felt that my pictures were all photoshopped.
Here are some stuff I garnered to prove my statement.

This is probably one thing that frustrates me the most. To the girls out there who love camwhoring, ever heard of something called "your best angle?" 

In case you aren't aware, taking pictures from different angles can make a really huge difference. Also, everyone has their bad days. Bad hair days, bad make up days, bad whatsoever days.

I'm human, I'm not perfect and I acknowledge it. Why are you expecting me to look like how I look in my pictures all the time?!

& C'mon, photoshop? Then what about those pictures that are taken from my friends' camera? You mean I had to ask them to photoshop my face as well?! Don't be retarded please.

And another thing, fyi, I can take up to more than 20 shots before I can find the perfect one. Of course when I upload it onto the net, I'll choose the one that compliments me the most. Who wouldn't?

Some pictures which were taken from Peishi's/Rachell's camera.

Neo print pictures.

Stupidest line I've ever heard was "I just saw Naomi Neo! Don't look like her at all lor!!!!" Then how did you even recognize it was me in the first place? -_-

So let me feature the star of the day. "QTBIRD_" LOL.

This young, pretty lady has been trying SOOOO hard to get my attention and her followers' attention. Look at the amount of hate tweets she made just over the past two days alone. Pretty impressive hur?

Apparently, I transformed into a stalker today to collect a few things she said. I did my homework.

You've a problem with me making a video for my ex boyfriend? And does that necessarily meant that I was being emotional 24/7 just because of that ONE video I made, for him? 

Funny thing is, if you take a look at her profile, she definitely has a prodigious amount of tweets that she sounded really "sad" in. Can I assume she was speaking about herself in all those tweets? NO.

So why are people assuming that my tweets are always personal?

Look at how she contradicts herself.

Hmm, should I say that she's trying hard to gain fame just by spamming hate tweets about me?

Now, look at how she contradicts herself again. 
I thought I was ugly? Woah, suddenly turned pretty within a few hours. Likea ninja!

This is starting to get really hilarious.

& Her followers/following.


So basically, as you can read for yourself, (unless you're illiterate) her main focus and many other people's comments are usually targeting on my make up. 

Weird how most of your favourite celebrities put on make up as well (or even undergo surgery), but you still love them. You trying to tell me that they look equally good without make up, and there isn't a slight difference with and without it? So what's the point of make up?

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to compare myself with any celebrity (I am not one) Just trying to make a generic point. Reason why I didn't use photos of people of my peers.... YOU SHOULD OBVIOUSLY KNOW WHY.

Ready to see face the awful truth? *Roll the drumssss*

Victoria Secret's Angels?

Katy perry?

 Miley Cyrus?

Kim Kardashian?

Vanessa Hudgens?

Most popular kpop group, SNSD?

(Pictures all found on Google.)
Of course, they are naturally beautiful. But with make up on, don't they look BETTER?


Make up is obviously meant to beautify people or enhance one's beauty right? Otherwise wtf is it for? Tell me, if you're gonna look x10 prettier after applying a little eyeliner or concealer on, you won't do it?

So what if I don't look as good without make up? At least I posted pictures of me without it before and at least I didn't do any cosmetic surgery right? Moreover, I'm certainly aware and I'm f*cking insecure of how I look without my lenses because I think I look insanely UGLY.

Unflattering picture of me without lenses and editing (referring to the colours/contrast of picture) ? Just took it a few days back when I had a really bad sore eye on my right, so pardon me for covering it with my fringe. 

Without make up and lenses? (Posted this up before, but apparently some idiots claim that I don't have a single picture of me without make up.)

 I just wanna look better, like any other girl out there.

Look at her. There she is retweeting a tweet saying that it's fine putting on make up and yet picking on me and my "10kg" of make up. Worst thing? She and some of the other girls PUTS ON MAKE UP TOO! Even thicker make up for some. LOLMFAO!

Fyi, I don't even put on any face make up. Not even bb cream, foundation, powder or blusher. (Except brozer sometimes to make my flat nose look sharper) Unless I'm attending a photoshoot etc.

Why? Because I have extremely sensitive skin condition. I use to have terrible break outs when I was 13-14. And aftermath, I didn't dare to touch any face make up products. 

Hence, my pimple scars. Just because you can't see it, it doesn't mean I photoshopped my pictures! Brightness, quality and contrast plays a part!

How can you assume, just based on my pictures alone... That I've very "heavy" amount of make up on? Your eyes form a weighing machine ah?

Honestly, if these girls look as good as Emma Watson, Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart etc... they can insult me for all I care. 

But problem is, these celebs have their own flaws too and even though they are so gorgeous, do you see them discriminating the less good-looking ones? Are YOU even qualified to comment on how I look, if you're no better? 

Hate how people ask you not to bitch about them, and yet they bitch about you as if they know every single thing about you. 

Honestly, girls being girls... We all gossip. There's nothing wrong with gossiping, bitching and shit. I even mentioned before it's okay to judge because it's part of human nature. 


There you are dying that I won't trend on twitter again, and yet perpetually broadcasting my name to everyone, every motherf*cking day! 

I think my haters are super efficient and enthusiastic on promoting me.

Obviously she has been stalking my tweets and constantly checking up my name on the twitter search engine to see if anyone tweeted hate stuff about me. 

Are you that desperate to bring me down?


Arrogant? I'm not really sure if I've actually done something to portray any arrogance in me before, but seriously????? 

How in the world am I even arrogant? What? Because I don't follow back all my followers on twitter? LOL. Cut me some slack and stop amusing the hell out of me please.

Of all the celebrities and bloggers I know, it doesn't seem like there was any particular person who followed all their followers back. Why the hell are you calling me arrogant for that?

Even Xiaxue, (The most popular Celebrity blogger in our city) doesn't. Lets not get started with Vloggers on youtube.

One thing I'm proud to say is, at least I reply to 90% of my mentions! Tell me who actually takes the effort to reply them all?! And even if I had to repeat what I said, most of the time I'll still take the effort to reply.

Not trying to act oh so nice here to gain sympathy points, because there are days where I really don't have the mood to reply as well.

I'm only being human, I got my own problems to deal with as well. 

Then there are people who claims that they've seen me outside and smiled at me, but "ignored" them.

THAT'S RIDICULOUS! If I actually noticed you, I would've been courteous enough to respond. If I didn't, I probably just missed it! C'mon, there are a thousand of people around in public, who the hell knew you were actually smiling/waving at me?!

What if you weren't directing it to me? Wouldn't I feel f*cking ashamed? 

I've never expected everyone to put themselves in my shoes to think from my point of view. Because I know it's impossible. Not everyone's gonna like me and be able to relate to what I write and I've no say to it. In fact, I'm cool with it.

But what's with people acting like they know me and judging me just based on what my haters say? You already said they are my haters... If they had 101 reasons to bring me down, they'd definitely use up all 101 reasons to spoil your impression towards me.

Don't you think it's really unfair to me? I'm just like any other girl out there who wants to be noticed by someone. Otherwise why the f*ck do we even post pictures online? To admire ourselves? YOU AT HOME NO MIRROR AH?

In our generation, it's always about the appearance. If you dare deny that you don't actually care about your looks, I dare you to say that you don't fret a tiny bit when you first had pimples!


In majority of the female's life, there's at least a point of time where they'll feel that they look hideous and wish they'd actually look better. 

Of course, not all will actually go all out to make themselves look better. But trust me, we all have insecurities.

I do as well. No matter how many people try to convine a girl that she's not fat or not ugly (when she thinks she is) Your compliment will definitely not make much impact to her life.

Instead, we take insults to heart.
Think deeper, if I was really confident or "arrogant" about my appearance, do you think I would've even bothered making myself look better? I would've just uploaded 50 pictures of myself without make up, lenses and dress up in some ah ma outfits, thinking that "WOAH, I LOOK STUNNING." 

If you say I don't know how it feels like to be ugly, you're wrong. Because you're only seeing me on the internet. You've no idea what I've to go through. So quit assuming and trying to guess how I feel inside.

I've my insecurities too, I don't have fantastic complexion, I think my pupils are too small for my eyes, I have huge thighs, I'm really short and all. Does that mean If I don't constantly rake them up, I actually don't have them?

There she is, another girl contradicting herself. If you don't hate me, what's with the "Anti Naomi Neo" ?

Oh well, look.

Next, I happen to chance upon this post created by someone who dislikes me, which one of my friends emailed me on. Okay, since she was nice enough to speak really nicely, I'll not be an asshole to be nasty as well.

This is what I mean by constructive comments, I don't mind people hating me or insulting me. But at least comment wisely? Some of the things you people say, are just f*cking ridiculous.

Since when were rumours trustworthy? -_-

Let me put the focus on her third paragraph. I've never ever ever ever ever (inserts a million more ever) felt that I was too good for anyone and thought that only people of my level could hang out with me. NO.

If you realize, most of my friends that I hang out with, are not even a blogger, vlogger or even someone's who's pretty known on any social sites. Just because I hang out with Noah, PxdKitty and Speishi, does that mean that I'm stuck up?

Look, I knew Noah before he was even popular, back then when he only had a few hundred followers on twitter. He was defamed and hence, Rachell (pxdkitty) spoke to me and wondered if we could help him out a little, after that when we hung out, that's when I knew about Peishi's (Speishi) existence.


If I was a famewhore, I would've fight my way through getting to know all the popular people, at least I build up everything myself without using others as a stepping stone to get to where I am today.

And yes, what's wrong with wanting to be known? I bet it's almost everyone's wish, just that not everyone has the courage to admit it! But I've always wanted to be known for my writing, not my looks, videos or anything else. *shrugs*

Does that explain it all, to those kay po people who loves to fabricate a whole pack of lies, when you know nothing about the truth?

And I've never thought I was FAMOUS and had FANS. I regard everyone that "admires" me as my friends, NEVER my fans.

I'm not even a f*cking celebrity. What rights do I have to call people my fans? If they call themselves my fans, it's not my fault right?! 

There's always gonna be someone prettier and better than me in any other aspect. Tell me what's the point of comparing all the time? I'm overrated? Yea I think so too. I don't deserve all those likes on facebook? Yea I agree. But what can I do?! WHY ARE YOU BLAMING ME and hating me on the attention I'm receiving?! 

I've been blogging since the age of 11 and got slightly known at the age of 13. 
And became active on Facebook since then as well. I've been quoting and putting up my quotes on Facebook before "quoting" even became a f*cking trend lah. 

Why should you all even have a say in my life actually? I allowed you to lead yours freely, so let me lead mine in peace as well! I didn't kill your whole family!

Do I hate my Haters?

Nah, hate it too strong of a word. I just hate being accused. I'm always an open book when it comes to people criticizing me. At least it benefits me because to me, criticisms are healthy. & If it wasn't for my haters, I wouldn't have changed so drastically over the years as well.

I know I'm gonna get loads of hate comments again after posting this, but I think I had enough of listening to how people bullshit really absurd stuff against me. 

& People are gonna say like "Why are you even giving your haters the attention and all." Well, I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with trying to explain myself. You can take sides after reading. 

If you still hate me, or hate me even more after reading this, then to bad for me I guess.
I'm really sorry if I ever offended anyone again, but please know where I'm coming from.


Ok I think I've explained enough and I'm ending it here. 
Last but not least, despite all these shit I've to go through, I wanna thank all those people who've been constantly msging me, tweeting to me, emailing me and pm-ing me on facebook. I really appreciate all of your concern. Even though I might not reply to all, I still read them! I love you guys a lot. :)

Signing off, Naomi Neo.

Watch this if you've the time. Although it's dedicated to Vloggers, I found it relatable too. Love her a lot.

Anyway, I just remembered something I'd like to mention. 

I believe all of you are aware of who Justin Bieber is right? 

 I personally like this him quite a bit. And people who knows me well enough, I'm not someone who goes crazy over my Idol nor would I talk about them all the time.

Not to add on to the massive amount of words that I've already typed above, I just wanna make this short.
Justin started off as a youtube singer and was then discovered by Justin Timberlake (I THINK) but he ended up signing with Usher in RBMG company.

He has been working really hard towards his career and he's really nice to his fans as well. Behind the press, he forks out a whole load of money and time to invest on the less fortunates, DURING HIS BREAKS!

I have no idea why the hell people hate on him, call him a fag and all. He did not do anything wrong! If his fans are annoying, then get annoyed with his fans, NOT him.

He doesn't manipulate any of them or point a gun on their head to get them to do anything you know?

Just wanna say, what's the point of hating? What do you gain actually? Anger and frustration, that is?
Yes, it's true that we all put ourselves up on the social line and we bound to face the repercussions of critics and all, but what exactly have we done to deserve HATE? Think about it.

Instead of wasting your time hating on the innocents, why not direct that attention to people who needs it more? Like Kony maybe?

Enough said.