Noise Singapore

An initiative of the National Arts Council, Noise Singapore is dedicated to making noise about the creative talent of young people aged 35 and below. Through numerous platforms to express, develop and showcase their creativity, Noise Singapore hopes to encourage young people in Singapore to actively participate and nurture their relationship with the arts, as well as get them spotted for their budding abilities.
Broadly classified under the genres of art and design, music and photography, the Noise community will learn from top professionals, interact with like-minded youths and share their original creations with the world. 
Noise Singapore platforms include concerts at venues like the Esplanade that feature young musicians hungry for performing experience and exposure, exhibitions of varied scale that showcase the original artistic creations of young people, an online gallery, mentoring programmes that link aspiring artists with top professionals in the industry, as well as workshops, talks and activities that focus on providing a fun experience of participating in the arts. - Quoted from
Let me first introduce you guys a few pieces of really spectacular art work done by some extremely talented young artists from Noise!


This piece, entitled Transposition, is my first foray into the world of 1/6th scale figures. I wanted to do a jarring yet relatable character, one with a "ready to take on the world" attitude. Fully sculpted head, hands, custom paint job and clothing. size: 12 inches - By Dory

A disgruntled blue collar worker

this piece is part of a series that pays homage to my childhood influences, a commentary on how a particular aspect of my youth culture has shaped and influenced my body of work. Repeatedly, when searching for inspiration, there is an inherent disposition for one to draw from past experiences and imagery. It is this sense of familiarity that we find solace in; an act of escapism through which one often finds epiphany.


Detour No. 3

Underlining presence with absence, my intention is to create a ‘portrait’ of the human occupant(s) of the house – who remain tantalizingly out of sight – and the proud, eccentric and self-centered life they lead. Stemming from a fascination with the image we project or the spaces we inhabit, I have projected an avatar or alter ego into the traditional space of portraiture.By Ang Song Nian     
Not forgetting MUSIC! to soothe your ears with some impressive music created by all the youths. I promise you'd love them. I really like "This Is War" A creation by Jaime Wong!

So yeap, I attended one of the Noise's events hosted at Goodman Arts Gallery. And I really love everything about it there.

Basically, to elaborate more on what's this about...

Feast your eyes on some of the best works of art, design and photography created by young people! Drawing from over 8k submissions to an open call last year, this celebration of inspiring art words and photographs.

With live performances, by budding musicians on weekends, a DIY art corner for you to express your creative flair and limited edition merchandise designed by Noise Artists that you can bring home with you, there's something for everyone at this showcase exhibition!

I must say I really had a pleasant time during those few hours when I was there! Not only did I manage to lay my eyes on all these beautiful art pieces, there was also a breathtaking performance put on stage! 

Look at them, carefully designed and made by young people like us...

The next 3 pieces blew my mind! Well, I'm really a moron when it comes to interpreting what these pictures were trying to illustrate but I thought they were pretty interesting. And they definitely caught my attention!!! Don't they remind you of some tumblr stuff? Hahaha.

What's better than shopping aside from all the art and music?!

Yea I'm not kidding, you can purchase your very own souvenirs!

There were these two gorgeous twins waiting for their picture to be printed! HAHA, lovely. You can choose your desired background and walk away with a picture of yourself at only 2 bucks! 

Did you guys notice an item in this picture which I can't take my eyes off as well?! YEA DUH, the knnbccb tshirt. It's damn cute lah!

FOOOOOOD. Yea refreshments available! FREE, I know you've been waiting to see that word. Hehe.


  • Aug 2011 to Mar 2012: Noise workshop series

    Showcase Exhibition 

    Pop by to see well-rated submissions from Noise open categories, buy mechandise created by Noise artists and catch musicians performing on weekends. Make this an outing with your family and friends!

    Date: 16 Feb - 4 Mar 2012
    Time: 10am to 9pm daily

    B4 ION Station (Event Hall), ION Orchard

The Apprenticeship Programme Exhibition 

Over the past three months, 42 apprentices were mentored by 24 creative professionals to deepen and broaden their understanding of the arts. This showcase presents works by the apprentices spanning a large range of topics and taking varied forms of presentation. This is one exhibition you don’t want to miss! 

Date: 16 Feb - 4 Mar 2012
Time: 10am to 9pm daily
Venue: Goodman Arts Centre Gallery, 90 Goodman Road, Block B Level 1
*** Flea Market and TAP Night Party
Date: 18 Feb 2012
Venue: Goodman Arts Centre, Block B, Levels 1 and 3 & Outdoor Amphitheatre
Time: 1 – 8 pm (Music performances from 5 to 7.30pm)

5pm: Monster Cat                                                                                                                         
Monster Cat takes its name from the 'Bakeneko', a cat with supernatural abilities in Japanese folklore. The folk-rock band is inspired by this sense of the supernatural and the fascinating ambiguity of this relationship between creature and owner. 

530pm: Rachael Teo
One half of acoustic band Cove Red, Rachael Teo is an acoustic/ folk singer-songwriter who writes heartfelt songs, in the hope of healing wounds and restoring dreams.

6pm: Shigga Shay
Pek Jin Shen, a.k.a Shigga Shay, is a rap artst, music producer and song writer.

630pm: Zahidah 
Winner of 98.7FM's The Next Big Things competition, Zahidah is a storyteller who writes about the unspoken stories of the people she met!

7pm: For This Cycle & Travel Tales 
Performing under the moniker "For This Cycle", Weiwen is set to captivate with his unique blend of acoustic-guitar driven pop rock songs. Travel Tales is singer-song Ze Wen Seah, whose acoustic pop tunes is inspired by the experiences he has gained through living in different cultures.   

CONCERTS?! In collaboration with Esplanade, Noise will be bringing you unforgettable performances at the Esplanade (Outdoor Theatre & Concourse) From 2 - 4 March 2012.
"Make Some Noise!" Concerts 

  • Come catch some of Singapore’s latest up-and-coming bands and singer-songwriters at this 3-day concert series and we promise that you'll walk away inspired. 

  • Date: 2 - 4 Mar 2012
    Time: various evening timings
    Venue: Esplanade Outdoor Theatre & Concourse
    Spare a few minutes to take a look at some short clips which I took while I was attending the event @ Goodman.

    For more info, feel free to log on to their official web page
    You can now submit your personal work as well! :)