Honestly, how can anyone just not love Ashincan's apparels?! OMG, I was so depressed because I couldn't make a choice between all the options! They are all so pwetttty :(

If I could, I'd definitely take like 3/4 of the clothes!!! 
So anyway, judging from all these pictures alone, aren't you already tempted to get them? Cos I'm still not over the fact that they are mad pretty and I'd say the quality of their items didn't disappoint me as well! Thumbs up for that. 

And I definitely have to compliment the fact that the prices are all reduced to its minimum! Like, the most expensive piece is only at $25 if I'm not wrong. MADNESS. How many blog shops these days are selling stuff at this price? Apparently out of 10, close to 9 are all reaching the price of $30 and above.

And it sucks, because if it's me, I'd rather go to places like Far east, or even branded shops to get better quality apparels, and on the spot! Instead of waiting for really expensive and worthless clothes online!

But I promise you won't regret getting anything from them!!!

Anyway let me tell you which are my favourite few!!! :)

I really love everything about this dress. The colour, the design and cutting!

I love this bow side tregging! Ahhhh, it's so freakin cute.
But I don't have nice legs, otherwise I would've gotten it :(

Awesome outfit to wear out in the summer 
(S'pore has no summer, so basically I meant any other day.) LOL.

Love this as well! Best for a casual occasion.

Something more formal and seductive, hehehe.

This is just too sexayye.

I just feel this is so feminine! I would love to wear this, but totally not my style. Hahaha.

So this is certainly one of the best blog shops if you're sick of seeing repeated designs everywhere else!

And if wanna take a look at the items and get them right on the spot, good news is... They've a booth at MIYOC orchard central #05-12!!! Do check them out :)
Quote "NAOMI" for free normal postage, until the end of Feb! :)
Love xoxo

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