"People throw rocks at things that shine."

Well yea, today I'm just going to type down all my personal opinions towards our generation these days. I know I'm gonna get hell loads of hate comments, because I'm a teen myself. But I honestly can't be bothered.

Disclaimer: First things first, I've to emphasize that some of the things that I mention in the later part of this entry may contradict how I was in the past. I'm not trying to say how perfect I am now nor would I claim to have any qualifications to judge anyone out there. 

It's just my generic perspective on a whole, including myself. Please do not take it personally and bear any grudges against me!


I have no idea why on earth are there people who still has an interest to be part of gangsterism. Seriously pardon me for my shallowness... I've nothing against it, but I just can't figure out what's so cool about it?

I remember there was a point of time when I thought that being an "ah lian" or socializing with gangsters were like the coolest shit on planet earth, probably back when I was the age of 11-13. Which I think some of you would have encountered in your younger days as well.

Reminiscing back, I used to go like "Wa sweet sia, that guy's willing to fight with someone for me. Wa like so man leh!!! Sibei macho eh." And now..... Looking at juniors this way, *Roll eyes* Hahaha, I'm sorry if I'm a little judgmental here, it just amuses me.

"Kwa smlj?!" Are you trying to say that you're dick, dude? U mad? Or girls who goes like "Knnbccb" in every single sentence they breathe. You've a cunt/vagina yourself babe, is there anything to be proud of? At the end of the day, it just reflects your upbringing.

And just in case if you're wondering, even though I've mixed with a lot of them, I've never touched any cigarrettes, drugs, or committed any other crime before.

Not trying to offend any gangsters out there, but I find it really immature that if you're already 16/above and you still feel that stirring up unnecessary "tai ji" (Problems) is cool, there must be something wrong with you.

One thing that I detest most is watching how some reckless young punks going like "Not happy ah? One on one la!" Seriously? So getting yourself into stupid fights out of plain nothing and having injuries are really thaaaat fun? 

If you guys actually remembered the slashing case that took place back in 2010. Apparently, many ah bengs usually takes "staring" as a threat which is usually what triggers a fight.

It's really devastating to see how some guys' ego can kill so badly. I believe guys take their pride really importantly and a lot of them are really impulsive, causing them to act before they even spare a split second to think.

I've to admit the reason why I'm aware of all these is because I do mix with a lot of guys like that. & I guess that's the reason why many people have this mindset that I must be an ah lian as well; As the saying goes, you're what your company is.

I beg to differ. I really do have my own morals at the end of the day. I won't deny some of them are really fun to mix with and are really loyal to their friends. That's one thing which I admire most. But I'll never be a genuine member of these cliques. Ironic, but I'm true about this.

Oh wait before I continue, I have to stress that gangsters are NOT the same as ah bengs and ah lians. 

Anyway, many teens are getting more and more into all these stuff due to influences coming from the older generations. Yea, to be fair, I know that many kids are facing problems at home... Which causes them to be "deprive of love, a sense of belonging and security." 

In addition to that, mixing with the wrong peers and not being able to differentiate between what's wrong and what's right will easily cause these kids to be led astray.

So yea, I do understand where some of them are coming from. And I have to say that's the reason why I've never discriminated any of them with reasons like this. 

On the contrary, I dislike it when many of them choose to give up on themselves, especially if they have parents who sweated blood just to fork out the money for their education. Yet instead, they decide to go on the wrong path, and forgo their education and life.

My dad has always been telling me that education and appearance isn't everything, what matters most is your personality. But it is still essential to survive in this society. 

Without these two factors, it's really hard to make it through and in fact, no one will really appreciate your existence. This is indeed how cruel reality is.

As for girls, I guess no matter how homicidal they are, how much they wanna kill someone; Be it a jerk that broke their heart or a bitch whom they are unhappy with... 

They barely resort to violence. They are just verbally nasty. Otherwise, they'd just seek help from their boyfriends. lol.

However, whatever it is, I still feel that it's not necessary to pick up gangsterism just to feel "loved" and "secured." But of course, it's still much better than those with stupid thinkings like, it's cool and it's something to be proud of.

Or worst would be guys who thinks that it will give them a better opportunity to get girls. I'm aware many girls go for all the wrong guys these days... 

Nevertheless, at the end of the day... In the long run... Trust me, girls will still end up chasing a guy who will be able to support her physically... Not just mentally giving her a sense of security.

I'm not being materialistic here, just being practical, this is life. If you've a bad attitude, bad grades, no talent and no goal... You'll just eventually end up nowhere.


Plus, I always feel that talking things out is definitely so much better than having to bring out your fist. I know how cocky some ignorant morons can get, and sometimes it's really tough to hold back the urge of hitting someone... But c'mon, why get yourself into a pile of trouble?

Do you really wanna end up being locked up behind the bars, spending your days in a cell? After all, it's your life, your call. You decide where you wish to end up at.

Certainly, not all gangsters are bad, unsensible and doesn't have a future cos I do have friends who plays a part and I know there are nice ones out there... But is there really a point to it? Think of it, do you really wanna be looked from head to toe every time you step out into the streets?

And what if you've kids in future, do you want them to follow your footsteps? Do you want them questioning on your history, and all you could say is "Oh, I was a gangster back in my youth."

No one's gonna look down on you unless you decide to give up on yourself.

Last but not least, Don't wish to belabor to much on this, but please note that I'm really not trying to criticize anyone here, I'm just talking about some people who think it's cool when it's really NOT.

Sorry if I didn't mention much on the girls' side. Not that I've any prejudice against guys, but I guess guys are more prone to these sort of actions.


Town with my gf last Friday!

Cam whores in the toilet, 4eva.

Have I mentioned I got my new board?! Here it is, it's a penny.
Starting to regret not getting my longboard, cos I prefer cruising in it T_T Supa upset.

And here it is! My new bed room! :)

Shout out for on the sequin top!!!
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A day out with only mascara on. Hahahahaha. 

Photoshoot for EGP with my new friend Grace! Uploading images soon! :)

Went to AMK to meet love after the shoot and an appointment with Freda.

So yesterday, I attended an event before I headed down to find my two love ones in town. Will blog more about the event in my next entry!

Mad in love with the bra top from Top shop!!!! 


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