Hi darlings! Been some time since I last did a blog entry!!! I'd be posting up one after this advert! :)

So some time before CNY, I got to know about this blog shop! And I was sponsored with the first two items below. I have to swear I really love the items! 101% guaranteed that you'll not regret buying them, because their material's just so comffffyyyyy!!!! I was surprised upon receiving the items.

As you know, it's really hard to find blog shops these days that sells good quality apparels. They look great on pictures, and turns out to be some kinda low-grade items. And you'd be like, "FML I just spent over a 20 bucks buying crap?! Might as well head to bugis and get them on the spot, plus it's way cheaper!!!" Right?

Moreover, it took them really fast to get my items delivered to me!!! That's what I love, efficiency! I would say, they are one of the best blogshops I've ever seen! :) Kudos! 

Luvin this knitted top! 

Starting to have a thing for animals from the wild! HAHAHA.

So basically just get your ass off and log on to their page now!!! Items are selling out really fast, most of them are left with a piece or two. Don't miss this opportunity ladies!