Dying on the 3rd day of school. Every single tiny particle in my body is freakin hell filled with fatigue. Thankfully it was a short week, and it'll be Friday in less than 2 hours time. AMEN. 

I've no idea why, as I grow older I start to lose my interest in school. Apparently because it's really boring, and everyone around me seem to change drastically after every time they return from a long holiday. Some became more mature and some of them distanced themselves and drifted away from me. Glad that my clique is still staying strong despite being together for years already. 

I mean it's weird how people that has been surrounding your life for so long, can suddenly change over a short period of time... Some into better ways, whereas some from bad to worst. Saddest part is when those who used to be your "BFF" or whatever shit, turns to pure strangers with you... And every time you walk pass them, flashbacks fills your mind. At the same time, it acts like a reminder that eventually everyone's gonna leave your life. Sigh.

When I was young, I can literally cry in despair being a kid thinking how boring a kid's life is, and yearn so badly to grow old; having the mentality that being a teen/young adult was the best thing that can ever happen... And now that I'm turning 16 in 20 days time, I beg to differ. Although as time elapsed, freedom increases... I get to hang out more and all... But seriously, so does the restrictions. At least when I was a kid, committing stupid and silly mistakes were forgivable and understandable... Now?! I'll probably get SCREWED BIG TIME. 

Now? Every blunder leads to a huge mess and gets us to hell sooner or later. On a side note, do you realize we have this tiny devil that lives in us? *Nah it's not horror time.* It's like, whenever you do something, one side of you tells you it's WRONG, and your "devil" side tries to psycho you into carrying out that sin. OR wait a minute, is it just me alone? 

Usually your good side has to be strong and determined enough to fight over the bad side... And if you're probably the kind who gets influenced easily and gets knock over with a few simple words... Meh, you're gone case like me, sometimes.  You'd be easily led astray.

Ok, I think I went far too off my initial purpose of writing this entry. -.- Whatever it is, if you're still young... Enjoy your days ahead. Don't regret, like how I'm starting to... A little. Haha, I wouldn't say I regretted my past, because honestly I felt like I've sorta lived it to the fullest over the past few years in my secondary school life... With all the troubles I've gone through, all the stupid things I've tried doing... Maybe my only worst mistake was channelling my attention to the wrong things/people, when I could have took that wasted effort and use it on my studies instead. 

Last year in my secondary school, and I hope history won't repeat itself again... Even though my first 5 days of 2012 was already pretty f*cked up, I keep my fingers crossed that things will turn out to be better. Positive mindset switched on.

PS: Totally looking forward to spend my Saturday out. 
All the best my darlings. Love!

Ending off my main post with an....... ugly picture of me for you to compare how I look with and without make up. HAHAHAHAHA. AND YES, if you realized my hair is f*cking shit black now. LOL. Damn.

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