2012 Doomed.


Another stupid entry... I mean you guys said I should just update regularly regardless of what I've to say right.... So serves you right for reading all the random shit I've to talk about. 

DANG. Have yet gotten the batteries for my external camera's flash... And all the recent pictures are pathetically taken under my kuku table lamp. Embarrassing much.... I totally need a ring light!!!! Who wants to buy it for me?! Ok I'm just kidding. But seriously I effin want it, but don't wish to fork out the ke$ching for it. This is the fucked up side of me.

So anyway I spent my Friday with girlfy at Tampines first, we went to chill and walk around in T1. Honestly I think Tampines is one of the stupidest place which I can only survive there for at most an hour. If I exceed it, I'm probably too broke to go anywhere else or too bored and lazy to travel further. But but but, I like to chill there. Contradicting I know.

The second half of the day was completed with Fiddddyyyy. Meh.
 Caught Darkest hour. And I totally think that you shouldn't be deceived by the movie's poster like how the both of us did... I mean admit it it looks like some dope shit movie. The both of us almost fell asleep in the theatre. God dammit. OK LAH, I'm exaggerating a little. It's not thaaaaaat bad, rate it 2.8/5 I guess.

I bet first you'll be thinking where the heck is this, next is since when did Singapore had sucha chio place...... It's PASIR RIS PARK. lol. Isn't it like freakin gorgeous?! 

So yea, we went to the park to chill. Had fun! Anyway have you guys ever heard of the rumours about the "maze" in the park? Louis told me that the place is haunted. What scares the shit out of me is that the place is totally pitched dark in the night, NO LIGHTS in that entire area at all. Having the chills now?! Cos I am. I'm like thinking of it now and my goosebumps are literally forming already.

BUT after my grandmother story... Conclusion is... We didn't go in. Because that ass chickened out. *Pushes blame.* Hahaha! Dying to try it some time. 

Pweeedyyy boiiiiiboi. ♥

Failed quality pix taken by that boy. Hahahaha!

As for Yesterday, I spent three quarter of my day at home and headed out for countdown at Marina in the night! AWESOME time. (Not really actually) My whole day was pretty screwed up by loads of problems, but I must say I really did enjoy my time at the countdown. My companies were great I guess. *winks*

So how about you guys?! Had the time of your lives?! 
Despite all the crap, I did! Luvin every bit of it. He he he.

Sorry for the effin bad quality pixs... Like I've mentioned earlier on, my flash died on me...

About one to two more days till school starts. Sucha dread. The thought of it is killing every single atom in me. I swear I'm really not looking forward to all the preparation for O's... Although I can't wait for it to end, and get out of my damn school.

Shall end this entry off with 10 new year resolutions (random order):
1) Score well and get into poly (Cannot be distracted by love and shit like the past two years again.)
2) Gain more readers... (I hope people won't get sick of reading my stuff, I'm afraid ok!!!)
3) Spend my time in 2012 wisely. (I don't wanna regret in future.)
4) Have a memorable sweet 16th Birthday. (?Open party?)
5) Have more friends! (To be precise, less haters actually.)
6) Dad and mom to stay healthy. (Dote me more. Muahaha)
7) Find a stable bf. (???????Maybe???????)
8) Have less problems... (There's never an end to my problems.)
9) 2012 not to be end of the world!!! (I don't wanna waste my time studying.)
10) Erm.... Stay happy. (I ran out of things to say...)
& Just in case I can't blog before returning back to school, study hard guys! x