Winter Wonderland.

A real boyfriend will take the extra effort to understand his girlfriend and will be able to tell how she's feeling without her saying.

Before I start, this post was supposedly scheduled on the 23rd of december; Hence the video above! Oops. Anyways, do click on my Nuffnang guys! Thank you.

So I've been soooooo soooooo soooooo packed over the past few days, literally marathoning outings everyday that I barely had the time to even stop and catch my breath. Ok, nah jk. But well, that was why I kept delaying my blog entry! 

Finally have some time now before I head to my relative's house later for a X'mas gathering. 

Last Monday, went out with Fiddddddyyyyy to town (Town's like my second home now... WTF) and it was sorta like a no-plan-date, so we ended up lingering around aimlessly. Went back to my fav place which I last went... around a year and a half ago. I swear they have like freakin awesome stuff there which I can probably keep myself entertained for really long without getting bored. Gonna keep this place as a secret, for you to find out yourselves! He he he.

Caught Alvin and the chipmunks 3! God damn adorable! I love Theodore and Eleanore! (The green ones) *Faints. I know it's some kinda kid show, but we're still young at heart right... HA HA.

So this moron was trying to create a "scene" in this pretty little house. And he set up two wooden dolls on the bed... You know I know. Psychotic much. LOL. 

See this guy, 18 and still acting like a kid. 

Ain't this metal boxes cute?!?!?!?!?! 

Find someone that's able to handle your mood swings, messy hair, bare face, ugly outfit, who brings you to visit his parents not his bed.

As for Wednesday, caught up with my two beautiful babies! As always, they never fail to train my 6 packs, forever cracking silly jokes. Went to vivo for some shopping (Actually, window shopping) I picked up so many stuff from F21 and Topshop but placed them back in the end... I feel damn thrifty these few days. I shall shop after I get my pay from my adverts and allowance.....

Had so much fun in the pet's store at the top level. I swear the dogs there are supa cutesy!!!! Reminds me of my tragic story that I'm afraid of animals... And I can never own a pet on my own. Anyone's willing to get rid of my fear?! I want a freakin bunny.

Muahaha and this is my fav breed!!! Idk what the hell is it called. I've 0.1% knowledge towards dogs. Feel like an idiot whenever people are like bombarding my brain with all the different kinds of names... And I'm just like, ????????????? WHAAAAAAT THE FUAAAAACK?! But still, that doesn't erase my love towards these pretty darlings!

Finally settled down at Ben N Jerry's to have a nice bowl of yummy ice cream. Thinking of it now makes me wanna chew on something sweet. I've got a sweet tooth - Random fact about me.

Anyway the following few pictures are taken with Rachell's camera, and they are unedited. 
Enough of saying I photoshopped my pictures you morons... The next time you say that, I will make sure I photoshop your brain. (Fyi, my definition of photoshopping is... Making changes to your features and all)

Cheapo me trying out the cosmetics........... Anyway I just got my lipstick from Topshop in Nude colour! Love how creamy the texture is, but it's not really long lasting!!!

Whoop whoop! Long john for dinner! See the happy face? I'm famished!!

Side note: Yea yea, I'm gonna entertain my haters once again... Because I really can't withstand being badly accused. I mean like, c'mon... You can't expect everyone to look 101% identical in real life compared to the way they are on pictures. When we camwhore in pictures, we can take our shots based on the angle we want you to look at us from, we can choose to look good. Whereas in real life... Who knows your face might end up looking like this....

LOL. You see, even the hottest Katy and cutest Justin have their unglam moments... Obviously when I post up pictures, I choose pictures that are nice right?! Who the heck will post pictures of themselves if they think it's so f*cking ugly... Unless you're those bo chup kind, then I've no comments.

K, enough. If you're still not convinced, then I've nothing to say. Maybe to some people, I have some troll face in real life. FML.

Yea I'm a girl myself and I think girls are damn troublesome, hard to understand, too dramatic and indecisive sometimes.

I have no idea how the hell my hair ended up this way... Well who cares, I'm still gonna camwhore! Fuck yeah, my attitude. *winks

LOL, I was on the phone while taking this picture. *Moment of silence* And gf was like "HELLO?! OI. HELLO?! YOU TAKING PICTURE IS IT?!" HAHAHA.

Some gifts I received from Etude house!!!! 

Have totally no idea what I'm gonna do with the bb cream though, I don't even use it :(

 But nonetheless, my love for the limited edition hair/body spray is way beyond words! The fragrance is supa nice! Moreover, you can use it on your hair/body~

Shopping with mommy on thursday!!!! Didn't buy much stuff, but I love what I bought! TEEHEE. It's awesome how my mom always complain how much I've been spending, but she's still willing to fork out the money just for her vainpot daughter.

I think my hand likes to be in the picture with me.... 

Met Louis on Friday to chill at Tampines! And we went to this shop located opposite Hush Puppies, which are selling Hair curlers and straighteners! I swear they are really good. C'mon, look at my hair and judge for yourself. Plus it adds on a healthy glow to your hair making it look extremely nourished. $180 for the pink Zebra printed ones and $150 for the plain ones! Only takes up to 3 secs to get it done for each strand! COOL OR WHAT?!

So she was really nice to help me do my entire hair. Must have tire the hell out of her because my hair's freakin thick....

Headed down to Vaunt's Beach party at Azzura in the night! Met up with some really cool people... And thanks to them for taking care of me the whole night because I was god damn drunk. Was feeling really stressed up on certain stuff. Had a great time though!!! Sadly, I didn't take any pictures when I was there!!! 

Next two outfits are what mommy bought for me when we went out for shopping!
Spent Christmas eve with my family! Hehehe. Cos I was really worned out after the previous night. 

Two pictures of some of the "cool people" I've just mentioned of!

Wayne qt was dared to take a picture with the Indian guy.... HAHAHAHA and pretty Bel joined in!

Muahahahaha three hot guys!

Ending this post off with my ultimate act cute face! HAHAHAHA. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you guys enjoyed your time! 

Stay tuned for my next entry! PS: I love all of you!