Never Good Enough

I may not be the reason to your smile everyday, I can't promise I'll always be able to help. But as long as you're willing, I'm here to stay.

Yet another rainy day, and I'm home again. Woke up around 3 hours ago, and I'm still yawning my time away... My eyes are perpetually filled with tears. Look at the weather, it's tempting me every second and my bed's seducing me. Ok, I'm just browsing the net and watching the tele at the moment. What a couch potato. Big thanks to my bodyclock, I've been eating only a meal per day. Otherwise, I'd be effin fat if I laze around like this everyday. Let me talk about what took place over the past few days instead.

I guess yesterday was like one of the rare occasions where I'm actually home on a Saturday. (Realize how many "days" I've mentioned. LOL.) My Grandparents came over to stay so I decided to take a day off and accompany them. *Acts filial, halo above* Had dinner with my bestie nearby, and we were kicking off random convers about some dudes. Thereafter, I grabbed some stuff at the stationary shop for my DIY cropped that I wanna wear for my Xmas party! Haha.

Here it is, did it all from scratch. Including the fringe and all. It's kind of a failure though... Thanks to my bitchy new markers which decided to play punk with me. One sec, it's like endless flow of ink. Next, nothing at all! I immediately transformed to Miss Annoyed and couldn't give anymore f*cks to how good it will look. As a result.............. You know I know.

Life is not about remembering those who hurt you and broke your heart. Is about who never left, and always tried to make you smile again.

 Christmas is round the corner, and I'm not feeling it at all! Sigh. I'm not really sure about you guys, but from my recollection of my Childhood, xmas is probably the most significant occasion to me aside from my Birthday! I really love it. The lightings and decorations, the ambience, the songs and not forgetting... The PRESENTS! As I grow older, I realize all these starts to disappear, even the decos in Orchard starts to lose its quality. Every year it degrades from bad to worst... Now so budget sia!!! If you have already seen them...

Anyway first things first, before I continue... I wanna do a shout out to 
I swear I love the items I receive from them every collection. The quality is fab!!!! Best part is, they deliver it to me really quickly. Love them! You guys should totally check it out.

Wore this out and I received quite a number of compliments for the outfit and the heels! 


On Friday, I went shopppppppping with my girlfy. Bugis, F21, New look and Cine! Love the buys I had! It's been pretty long since I last went shopping, excluding the trip to Shanghai. Overall, it was an awesome day. Except night time... Some stuff cocked up and I was close to tears. 

Love them all! Especially the shoes!!! Mad pretty or what?!

Look at these pets! I don't know what the hell are they, I told Trix they are like Liondog. Combination of a Lion and dog breed?! I doubt I'm right about that... but heck lah! Adorable and cool shitz. Quite spectacular, notice the amount of people they captivated?! Insanity.

Went on a date with really nice people on Thursday! The coolest thing was, it was my first them meeting all of them! Let me introduce you to them!

Noah, a newbie youtuber that brings laughter to everyone! He's sucha qt pie. Check him out! 

HAHAHAHA! This picture is damn hilarious. 

Here is Peishi! Lifestyle blogger I guess! She's really sweet. Luv her.

And lastly, Rachel! Known as Pxdkitty. Pretty as eva. And she's really friendly and funny.

Ending off with my new friend Isabel! Gotta chat a bit with her while chillin at Cine with my friends. Gorgeous right!!! 

So......... HERE IT IS!
GIVEAWAY TIME! If you're interested in any one of the items out of six below, Hashtag "#Naomigiveaways" using your Twitter account and tell me which item do you want and why! :) This is not the end, I'll add on a mystery gift + a letter written by myself! Starts from now till the 22nd of December. :) 

I'll pick my favourite 6, inform you and mail them out once I'm done. 
PS: Mystery gifts includes (Leather bracelets, OPI nail polish and more!)
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